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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Best Western International hotel chain. If you do not find the answers you're looking for, please contact us for further assistance.

For questions and answers regarding Best Western Rewards® please visit the Best Western Rewards® Frequently Asked Questions page.

Reservation Requirements/Questions

Do I need a credit card to make a hotel room reservation?

What is Best Western's online cancellation policy?

Will my credit card be charged if I forget to cancel my hotel room reservation?

Can I return to the website and request a written confirmation for my reservation?

I found a lower rate for a Best Western hotel on another website, what do I do?

How do I make reservations for a large group (family reunion, club, etc.)?

Reservations - Changing/Cancelling

How do I view my hotel reservations online?

How do I modify or cancel my reservation?

I forgot/lost my confirmation number. How do I find it?

Can I modify or cancel a reservation that has been booked directly with the hotel?

How do I make a group reservation?

Hotel Information

Where can I find contact information for a specific Best Western hotel?

How can I make a special request regarding my stay?

What amenities do your hotels have?

Do Best Western hotels accept pets?

How do I find hotel accommodations for the physically challenged at a specific Best Western hotel?

Do children stay free at Best Western hotels?

What if I left an item at a hotel?

How do I compliment a hotel?

Best Western Corporate Information

How can I receive more information about becoming part of the Best Western International hotel chain?

Where can I find employment opportunities at Best Western International, Inc.?

I am a student doing a research project about Best Western hotels. Where can I find more information? Security

Is your online reservation process secure to protect my personal and credit card information?

Is my personal information safe and secure on your website?

While checking availability and making an online reservation, I receive a message stating my "session expired." Why is this happening, how can this be fixed?

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