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Best Western Premier® Hotels - Ghana

Best Western Premier Hotels - Ghana

Experience Ghana

One of the words that follow the traveller at all times and in all places in Ghana is "Akwaaba", meaning "Welcome". The Ghanaians attach great importance to politeness, which they believe expresses a genuine and invaluable consideration for others. They appreciate exchanged smiles and share the richness of their beautiful country with unrivalled generosity. Indeed Ghana's greatest asset is still, unquestionably, its people whose sense of welcome and kindness are legendary, certainly strengthened by the freedom and peace they have enjoyed for longer than anywhere else in Africa.

Ghana Attractions

In Ghana all the faces of the African continent are present, in its heavenly beaches, its savannahs to the North, and its tropical forests, whose nature reserves bear witness to its wild beauty. It is also a country which knows how to make the most of its history, despite it being tragically scarred by slavery, and its cultural and traditional artistic heritage, of which gold work and Kente cloth are famous examples.

Premier Ghana Hotels

In a country as intense as Ghana, whose climate is predictably hot, whose natural landscape is extreme, and whose richness arouses all the senses, experiencing impeccable comfort in line with the most exacting international standards is an essential part of a successful trip. This is exactly what the Best Western Premier Accra Airport offers. It combines touches of elegance and sophistication with true Ghanaian authenticity, which lends a unique flavour to the experience.

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