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Best Western Rewards® Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers apply to members of Best Western Rewards® North American program, which includes North, Central and South America, Asia and South Africa.


Best Western Rewards® Membership/Account Information

How do I join Best Western Rewards®?

Is there a fee to join Best Western Rewards®?

Where can I update my personal information (address, phone number and email address)?

How do I set up online account access?

How can I check my account balance?

Do my Best Western Rewards® points ever expire?

How long should I wait to receive my Best Western Rewards® membership card after I am enrolled?

How do I order a replacement Best Western Rewards® Membership card?

Where can I learn more about Best Western Rewards®?

Can I add another person to my account?

Can I create a Rewards account for my business?

Can I match my status with a competing loyalty program?

Best Western Rewards® Promotions

How do I register for a promotion?

How long does it take for me to receive my award after qualifying for a promotion?

Where can I find a complete list of current Best Western Rewards® promotions?

How is a "stay" defined?

What are qualifying rates?

Earning Best Western Rewards®

How do I earn Best Western Rewards® points?

Do I need to make reservations to earn points or miles for my stays, or can I book directly with the hotel?

Can I earn Best Western Rewards® points for reservations booked online?

Will I receive points if I pay for my stay with a Best Western Travel Card®?

How do I earn airline rewards?

Can I receive both airline rewards and Best Western Rewards® points for a stay?

If I book more than one room at a Best Western for the same night, will I earn points or airline/partner rewards for each room?

How long does it take for points or airline/partner rewards to appear on my account?

What do I do if I'm missing points or airline rewards from a recent stay?

Can I purchase Best Western Rewards® Points?

Is there a credit card that allows me to earn additional Best Western Rewards® points?

Redeeming Best Western Rewards®

What can I use my Best Western Rewards® points for?

What is the Best Western Travel Card®?

How long does it take to receive my award?

Can I have my gift card rushed?

What do I do if I have not received my award after the expected delivery date?

Are there restrictions on where I can redeem my points for hotel stays?

Are there blackout dates for using Free Nights awards?

I'm a few points away from an award, what can I do?

Can I transfer points to another Best Western Rewards® account?

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