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Montreal, Quebec

Perfect for thrill seekers, gourmands, shoppers, cultural enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike, Montreal's an exhilarating city that's home to endless travel experiences. Book a stay at our Montreal Best Western hotels to explore everything there is to do here.

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Montreal Area Travel Information

Montreal, Quebec is a diverse and fun loving city. Shop-a-holics, food connoisseurs, and thrill seekers will each find something to love in this wonderfully metropolitan city. The downtown Montreal area is enriched with culture and uniqueness which makes for an interesting travel adventure.


Notre-Dame Basilica

Street Market


Do you love to shop? If so, then Montreal is going to be paradise! Saint Catherine Street should be your first stop in the downtown Montreal area, which is the epicenter of all that is fashionable and in-style. Edgier styles and fashions can be found on Saint-Laurent Boulevard which has more unique and risky wardrobes which some fashionistas fancy. Those not wishing to visit the wilder side of clothing are encouraged to shop along Sherbrooke Street, where traditional attire can be found. Shopping tends to be dependent upon the weather, but in Montreal if the temperature's not right, be sure to visit the "Underground City" which also has its fine share of elegant shops, without the nuisance of weather.

Make sure to save room in your wallet or purse for some of the fine cuisine that Montreal, Quebec has to offer. Food lovers rejoice! Montreal has countless restaurants to suit any palate and features culinary offerings from Greece, Portugal, and Italy to name a few. One of the more popular Montreal dishes is poutine. This dish consists of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with hot gravy. Poutine is an odd choice for a culinary treat, but many Quebecers swear by it.

Those seeking some more refined food choices should definitely seek out the Portuguese cuisine at Ferreira Cafe in downtown Montreal. Ferreira Café's lamb chops come highly recommended. Are you in the mood for French food? Look no further than L' Express in the Plateau Mont-Royal area. This restaurant is extremely popular with the locals and features such dishes as ravioli maison and potted chicken pâté. This wide variety of cuisines is evidence to the fact that Montreal is one of the cities with the most restaurants in the world. If you're adventurous in your food choices, you might as well try some adventure of a different kind at the La Ronde theme park.

One of the more popular Montreal attractions is The La Ronde theme park. La Ronde is part of the Six Flags family of theme parks, and features many of the same roller coasters as its American counterparts, but most have been re-named. This amusement park features more than 40 rides and attractions designed to delight all types and ages of visitor. Thrill seekers will enjoy Vampire (which is identical to its American counterpart Batman the Ride), and the popular Splash. La Ronde is also home to The Goliath which is currently the largest and fastest roller coaster in Canada, reaching speeds of 68 mph. La Ronde also has many rides suited for younger thrill seekers such as Air Papillon, Marais Enchanté, and the Grand Carrousel.

From shopping along the streets of the Downtown Montreal area and below to dining on a variety of cultural cuisine and everything in-between, Montreal, Quebec is a unique city that everyone will enjoy!!

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Begin your search here for more information on Montreal hotels, or you can read more about the Montreal area and look for hotel rates at the Best Western Hotels of Quebec, Canada website. To receive more Montreal information or to read more about Montreal attractions and to look for visitor guides visit the official tourist site of Quebec.

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