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Best Western Hotels history timeline


Below are some highlights from the history of Best Western International.

2015Best Western announces new master brand logo. The new Best Western Hotels & Resorts masterbrand logo pulls through the company’s current blue color, updated with a modern hue and uses the distinctive hand drawn lettering which was created to be contemporary, friendly and memorable. This logo will clearly define that Best Western is a company of hotels and resorts across the globe with brands that meet the needs of today's travelers.
2015Best Western announces new design for the Best Western hotel brand logo which utilizes the hand drawn lettering, which is familiar and personable and pulls through the company's updated blue color. The centerpiece globe comes to life through the use of special effects such as gradient, highlighting and a 3-D treatment. These effects will be distinctive within the hotel industry which traditionally uses two-dimensional logos.
2015Best Western announces new design for the Best Western Plus logo which picks up on the brand's traditional use of red, incorporates the signature lettering and draws more emphasis to the word "Plus" using a contemporary tapered line. The diamond shape, inspired by the shape of a mobile app, distinguishes it from the Best Western hotel brand logo by giving it a more premium look within the upper midscale segment.
2015Best Western announces new design for the Best Western Premier logo using a classic yet contemporary font along with unique design elements to exude elegance and style. The BWP monogram brings an iconic expression with its multi-dimensional elliptical shape. The Premier word mark uses customized lettering and is accentuated with a tapered line and ties it to the Best Western masterbrand.
2015Best Western announces GLōSM, a broad-midscale boutique concept designed for secondary, suburban and highway markets. GLō is a broad-midscale new construction brand that offers a hip, boutique-style experience for savvy travelers who expect the best in value, design and comfort.
2014Best Western announces Vīb®, an urban boutique concept focused on style, technology and engagement, and BW Premier Collection®, a soft brand of carefully selected, high-quality hotels in global primary markets.
2012Best Western introduces advanced cleaning technologies at its North American properties, becoming the first hotel brand to empower housekeeping staff to set a new standard for guest care through the use of UV wands, black lights and clean remotes.
2011Best Western celebrates its 65th birthday introducing BEST WESTERN®, BEST WESTERN PLUS® and BEST WESTERN PREMIER® descriptors to the North American market. The World's Biggest Hotel Family® tagline is introduced in the United States and Canada.
2010Best Western passes ballot approving three descriptors - BEST WESTERN®, BEST WESTERN PLUS® and BEST WESTERN PREMIER®.
2008Best Western launches new Atrea prototype.
2008The Gold Crown Club® International Program celebrates its 20th Anniversary and is renamed Best Western Rewards®.
2007Best Western begins using online surveys to keep track of customer satisfaction, one of the first steps in leading the industry in superior customer care.
2007The hotel chain is named a Preferred Lodging Partner of AAA/CAA, and begins a multi-year partnership with Harley-Davidson®.
2006Best Western celebrates its 60th Anniversary with the 1946 Room Rate Promotion, where lucky guests are provided with a special one-night charge of $5.40 - the approximate value of overnight accommodations six decades ago, when the company got its start.
2005Best Western begins averaging $1 million in bookings per day through
2004Best Western launches the hotel industry's largest High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) initiative with the fastest implementation. In just eight months, the company establishes free wireless or hard-wired HSIA in some portion of the public areas, and at least 15 percent of rooms, at all of its North American properties.
2004Best Western becomes the first-ever Official Hotel of NASCAR®.
2003Best Western introduces the Best Western Premier® descriptor in Europe and Asia.
2002Best Western China launches, beginning a decade of intense development in that country.
2001Best Western Asia head office opens in Bangkok, Thailand, covering most of the continent and the Middle East.
1995Best Western introduces its first listings on the Internet. Full information on 150 member properties, including photographs, becomes instantly available via personal home computer.
1995Best Western opens its first property in Israel, establishing its presence in the Middle East.
1995Best Western expands into Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
1994Best Western establishes its presence in India.
1993A brand identity study recommends the adoption of a new Best Western logo and identity. On Nov. 30, the members approve the adoption of a new logo and officially retire the Gold Crown logo.
1993Best Westerns open in Japan, Venezuela, Russia and Lithuania.
1992Best Western expands into South America with its first property in Brazil. Development also begins in Turkey.
1990Best Western welcomes Greece into the family.
1988The Gold Crown Club® International Program for frequent travelers launches. Within a year, it acquires more than 200,000 members and sales of more than $40 million.
1987Best Western welcomes Norway into the family.
1986Best Western welcomes Portugal into the family.
1985Best Western welcomes Spain into the family.
1984Best Western welcomes Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands into the family.
1982Best Western welcomes Denmark and Italy into the family.
1981In August, a satellite reservations center is established inside the Arizona Center for Women (ACW), a minimum-security correctional facility in Phoenix. This innovative venture, employing inmates as reservations sales agents, answers the chain's business need for a flexible workforce. The program brings numerous awards and worldwide attention to Best Western.
1981Best Western welcomes Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany into the family.
1980Best Western membership rises to 2,654 hoteliers worldwide.
1979Best Western accommodates 15 million guests and generates $1 billion in room sales.
1978Best Western welcomes Great Britain and Ireland into the family.
1977To meet the demands of rapid growth, a multi-million dollar Best Western International Headquarters complex is designed and built in northeast Phoenix.
1977The phrase "World's Largest Lodging Chain" becomes a part of Best Western's corporate identification and advertising theme. The tagline later changes to "The World's Largest Hotel Chain".
1976Best Western Mexico launches, bringing more than 100 properties in Mexico and Central America into the fold.
1975Best Western begins to expand overseas, entering Australia and New Zealand.
1974Best Western decides to drop its referral organization image, eliminates the word "motel" from its name and begins directly competing directly with other full-service lodging chains.
1972Properties are required to accept six major credit cards. Reservations that are charged are considered "guaranteed" and rooms have to be held for the entire night. Properties have the right to bill for "no-show" clients.
1966The entire membership, Best Western and Best Eastern, unites under the Best Western name. a seven-person Board of Directors is elected by regional members to provide leadership and make policy decisions. Guertin retires.
1966The organization moves it's headquarters from Long Beach, CA, to Phoenix, AZ. The Board decides to relocate because of savings involved in centralizing operations and the potential for further expanding membership services.
1966A major expansion of Best Western services is announced. Changes include establishing a new reservations center offering toll-free service for business commuters, travel agents and vacationers through arrangements with American Express; increasing membership standards; opening sales offices in Washington D.C., Montreal, Phoenix and Seattle; establishing tie-ins with airlines and representatives from other transportation industry organizations and investigating stronger infiltration of tour and business meeting markets.
1964The group of motels east of the Mississippi River is incorporated as Best Eastern Inc.
1963Best Western is the largest motel chain in the industry with 699 member properties and 35,201 rooms.
1962Best Western has the only hospitality reservations service covering the entire United States.
1962Best Western begins using the crown logo with a rope border to identify member properties.
1951In a guest editorial published in American Motel Magazine, Guertin speaks of the importance of advertising properties to the general traveling public. This is considered a very revolutionary approach in the lodging industry.
1946Best Western Motels is founded by M.K. Guertin, a hotelier with 23 years of experience in the business. The chain begins as an informal link between properties with each hotel recommending other lodging establishments to travelers. The "referral system" consists of phone calls from one desk operator to another.
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