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BWI Announces New Development Prototype



MONTREAL (Oct. 15, 2007) - Developers looking for a sleek, turnkey upper mid-scale concept to drive premium, value-added pricing now have an answer: Best Western's new Atrea Prototype. The 100-room Prototype, which was announced officially today at Best Western's North American Convention in Montreal, also offers developers the cost synergies and global brand recognition delivered by the World's Largest Hotel Chain®.

"Best Western's business strategy is to allow developers to build products that best fit their markets. The Atrea Prototype is flexible, functional and extremely cost-effective, so it will succeed in a variety of markets," said David Kong, Best Western president and CEO. "We expect the first Best Western using Atrea Prototype plans to be open in the next year."

The Atrea Prototype can be built at a cost of $85,000 - $90,000 per key, while comparable upper mid-scale brands often cost more than $100,000 per key. Further, the Prototype's high-quality furniture, fixtures and equipment package is available at the extremely competitive cost of $5,000 per key (excluding bed and TV), due to the purchasing power of Best Western International.

The Atrea Prototype has several signature features, including
• Multi-function community space that brings back a sense of excitement and community to the lobby – something that is often missing from upper mid-scale hotels. Guests can watch TV, enjoy a drink or light food, hold a business meeting or chat with friends in the warm and free-flowing gathering space.
• Guestrooms designed around a loft concept with a frosted glass half-wall that separates sleeping areas from living areas. Guest bathrooms feature the comforts of home, including stone-topped vanities.
• Colors and building materials that appeal to multiple generations. The neutral color palette mixes textures, patterns and tone-on-tone coloring to create visual interest and a sense of warmth.
• Features for multi-media travelers, including multi-functional bed lighting that creates an additional workspace for laptop users.
• Modular design that allows developers to adapt the building to meet a local market’s needs, whether through a coffee shop, sweet shop, bar, or expanded food operation. The Prototype layout features 100 rooms in five stories on a two-acre site.

"Best Western is known for its diverse hotel offerings," said Kong. "And the Atrea Prototype is a great tool for developers looking for a turnkey upper mid-scale product."

In addition to the Atrea Prototype, Best Western offers several mid-scale prototypes designed for tertiary and secondary markets.

More information is available at

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