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Best Western continues to focus on the recent event at one of our hotels in Monahans, Texas, and how to prevent such an occurrence in the future.

Following is an update on the situation.

- As we’ve previously shared, the individual involved at the hotel is no longer an employee.

- We continue to have a conversation with Mr. Staples with regard to resolving this matter. We have offered our sincere apologies and the hotel has refunded the money for his stay.

- We consistently communicate with our hotels about how to assist guests with special needs and disabilities, and will continue to do so. In response to this matter, we have communicated with every one of our hotels to ensure that all of our guests – those with disabilities or otherwise – are treated respectfully, and that our hotels always meet their needs.

- From the beginning it’s been our goal that a greater understanding and awareness of how to assist individuals with a disability result from this event. With this purpose in mind we’ve come to an agreement with the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Educational Institute to sponsor industry-wide training on how to assist guests with disabilities, titled “Enabling Independence: Service for Guests with Disabilities.” Our agreement has made this important training available to the hotel industry at no cost. Additionally, we are making the significance of this training very clear to other hotel companies by making this training mandatory for all front desk employees at Best Western hotels in North America. We are also advising our international affiliates around the world to do the same. We join Mr. Staples in the desired outcome of increased awareness and a better industry approach to assisting guests with disabilities or special needs, and we will continue to examine ways to do this in the future.

For customers who wish to share additional concerns we invite you to share them directly with us at

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