BEST WESTERN Fortune Hotel Kaifeng


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Middle of the Jiefang Road, Gulou District

Kaifeng, 475000


Toll Free Number

1(800) 780-7234

Hotel Direct Number

+86 0371 22880000

Hotel Overview

2:00 P.M. CST
12:00 P.M. CST

The BEST WESTERN Fortune Hotel Kaifeng is, in accordance with the four star standard construction, located in Kaifeng liberation center, in a commercial and tourist area. The hotel is located within a 10 minute drive from such famous tourist attractions in Kaifeng as the Da Xiang Guo Temple, the Dragon pavilions, Kaifeng Fu, Millennium City Park, John park forest of steles, Sky-wave Yang Fu, and Iron Tower Park. It is also only a 10 minute drive from the railway station and car passenger stations, and a 20 minute drive from the city expressway, the transportation system is very convenient.

The hotel offers all kinds of luxury rooms, features a Chinese restaurant, coffee shop, and club. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, equipped with 39-inch high-definition LCD TV, domestic long-distance and local phone calls are free. An additional amenity of this four star rated hotel is that every room is equipped with a deluxe twin bubble hot spring pool. Hot spring water is taken from 1600 meters underground and used as the original pulse hot spring. The water is a yellow color and tastes salty due to being rich in sulfur, sodium metasilicate, fluorine, strontium, lithium, boric acid and other minerals. These mineral pools have a softening effect on the hardening of the arteries and for some; they have the health effect and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

On the first floor of the hotel coffee is available and the sweet and romantic environment will ensure you have a good experience. The Chinese restaurant on the second floor is given priority with a Hong Kong Hot Pot with secret stock and a special sauce that will enhance your appetite. Staying at the BEST WESTERN Fortune Hotel Kaifeng will bring you superb service, a warm and comfortable feeling, as well as an elegant and noble experience.