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In these uncertain times, book your stay with confidence. Make your reservation by June 30 and cancel up to 24-hours in advance of your arrival date. Exclusions may apply, view details

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Because the health and welfare of our guests is the number one priority, hotels are currently providing modified breakfast offerings,
such as “grab and go bags” or “individually wrapped” breakfast items.  (Offerings may vary by hotel)

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Pet Policy
Fee is 30 CAD per night per pet. Please note that the only pets we are able to accommodate are dogs and we have limited dog-friendly rooms available. If you are travelling with a pet, please contact us directly to update your reservation. he request must be submitted at the time of booking at which point we will do our best, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate you in a dog-friendly room. Additional fees apply. Any dogs found in a non-dog-friendly room will be subject to fines.