This guide is intended to provide international office staff a document to account for the activities required to migrate from your independent country website to the Global Responsive Site (GRS). Activities outlined in this guide, are framed in terms of days prior to your launch. Launch will be determined thorugh meetings with eCommerce regarding your MVP.

What Do I
Need to Do? 

Key Milestones

May 15  -  2017 GRS Migration Intent 
June  1 -   Online Profile 
June 15 -  Migration Schedule Released


Guidelines & Manuals
eCommerce Operational Guide 
              (new 18-Sept)
SEO Best Practices
UI/UX Foundational Document
GRS Visual Site Map


Content Change Form (Coming Soon) 

Migration Inventory Forms
Contact List
Contract & Agreement Summary
Domain & Vanity URL Inventory
Tag & Pixel Inventory (new 19-June)
Content Migration Worksheet (new- 3-Aug)
External Link Inventory

All forms should be submitted to 



What Do I
Need to Know?