Your 90-Day Migration Checklist


  Please use the attached contact spreadsheet 

Domains & Vanity URL's

  Please use attached spreadsheet.  

  Be sure to inlude email address used internally, transactional emails, inventory of all domains and DNS. 

Content Migration 

  Inlcude a full accounting of all content that will be created in GRS for launch

  Evaluate value of page from traffic and revenue productivity

  Determine what pages will be migrated to GRS, and which will be deactivated

  Review pages with high organic traffic

  Determine if keywords needs to be updated, aligning to current search trends

  Determine if new content needs to be developed 

  Benchmark traffic, bounce rates and converstions per page prior to launch 

  Benchmark organic traffic, page rank, and keyword ranking


  Please use the attached spreadsheet  (updated 6.19.17)

  All contracts related to tag obligations must be emailed to and included in the contracts & partnerships spreadsheet