From an international perspective, one of the greatest changes that are taking place in the GRS is the expansion of language capabilities. As you may know in the web booking engine, the only language supported on the homepage was English. While there were language experiences for French, Italian, German and Spanish (FIGS), we did not offer a soup-to-nuts experience for the customer.

In the Adobe version of the GRS, we will support French, Italian, German, Spanish and English from both the homepage, and a majority of the content. While this is an expensive endeavor, we will rely on analytics to tell us if language specific consumers are accessing certain pages which may in fact not need to be translated into any other language than the targeted audience.  

Best Western automatically translates all 4000 hotels into these four languages once they are entered into English, and this will be the case for some time. However, Best Western is investigating the replacement of the existing Property Data System (PDS) application, which will likely include the ability for any office to enter for their region’s languages, their hotel content directly in the system.  Afterall, there is nobody better than the German support office to describe the German hotels to German customers. 

Best Western is presently engaged in translating all photo captions into the FIGS as well.