Your Online Profile & Inventory Checklist

To aid in a successful migration, please provide the following to BWI ensuring proper resources are assigned to your migraiton. 

Contracts & Partnerships - 1 June, 2017

  • Please use the attached spreadsheet
  • Please provide a summary of all contractual obligations in place today.  This will allow full support of the obligation while looking for opportunities reduce reduncies, and improve cost savings. 
  • Copies of all contractual obligations should be emailed to

Visual Site Map  - 120 days

  • Provide a full visual site map of your current site. This should include all active pages. 

        Reference: Visual Site Map

Contact  - 90 days

Domains & Vanity URL's  90 days

  • Please use attached spreadsheet.  
  • Be sure to inlude email address used internally, transactional emails, inventory of all domains and DNS. 

Content Migration List 90 days

  • Inlcudes a full accounting of all content that will be created in GRS for launch

Tags - 90 days

  • Please use the attached spreadsheet  (udpated 6.19.17)
  • All contracts related to tag obligations must be emailed to and included in the contracts & partnerships spreadsheet. 

External Links - 60 days

  • Please use the attached spreadsheet. and email to
  • Be sure to inlcude all marketing programs, mobile apps, property websites and microsites