Sprint Release Summary

All new development on bestwestern.com is released in "sprints", which typically are set on a 2-week schedule.  The timing of sprints may be adjusted depending on the size and effort of the functionality being developed.

Below is a summary of the most recent enhancements and functionality added to the site. 



Sprint 37 – Oct 19

·         New BWR log-in functionality - remove reCAPTCHA for verified members, greatly improving the experience by removing friction when logging in.   


Sprint 36 – Oct 6

  • Launch of new confirmation email, as part of the new customer journey.
  • Update in the BWR password management.


Sprint 34 – Sept 7

  • Navigation enhancements.  Links from the find hotel page allow customers to reach the hotel detail or rooms page.
  • Accessibility enhancements


Sprint 33 – Aug 22

  • Deployment of new rooms page, separating out hotel information from rooms.
  • Multi-gated rates; allowing the lowest possible rates for non-logged in customers.
  • Sunset of book.bestwestern.com


Sprint 32- Aug 3

·         Enhancements to gated rates; multiple BWR related rates will be displayed once a customer interacts with the banner. 


Sprint 31 - July

  • Booking Path Improvement – adding navigation on the Hotel Detail/Select Room page; allowing customer to easily jump to topics they wish to read more about.
  • Booking Path Improvement – showing booking widget expanded by default: so a guest can see all criteria that can be specified when searching for a hotel and/or room, including the number of adults, number of children and specific rate plan. At any time the customer can minimize the tool, allowing more hotel content to be displayed.
  • Booking Path Improvement – locking the booking widget to the top of the  Hotel Details/Select Room page, allowing the guest to modify their search parameters at any time.
  • Accessibility improvements (WCAG 2.0 AA)

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Q2 - April - June 2017

Sprint 30 - June

  • Updates allowing customer to retrieve past reservation details and reservations with inactive room types.
  • Correction to the point calculation presented on the Review &  Reserve page when not logged in.
  • Links to terminated hotels will direct to a custom landing page prompting guest to search for new hotel.
  • Updates completed to share icons on the Review & Reserve page
  • BWR members will complete their booking by entering their BWR number only.  If a name match does not occur, the customer will be notified on the confirmation page.   

Sprint 29 – June

  • Updating BWR “My Reservations” view to a list view; allowing a faster download of information enhanced user experiencing in reviewing reservation history.
  • International date format displayed to guests by device location
  • Group reservation links updated

Sprint 28 – June

  • Ability to add new brands
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • Single BWR sign-on experience
  • Update to retreive and display reservation history by Member ID

Sprint 27 – May

  • Written room descriptions replace icons on select room page
  • Update default select hotel display for mobile users to “list view”

Sprint 26 – May

  • Update to how multi-leg reservation summary is displayed to logged in BWR members.

Sprint 25 – April

  • Rooms displayed based on sort order in the Central Property Management (CPM) system.
  • Hotel placement on maps corrected with latitude/longitude corrections.
  • Filter by room on Select Room page updated
  • Run of House rooms added to list of available rooms 

Sprint 21 - April

  • Resort fee messaging added through booking path (where applicable)
  • Authoring templates for better self-service page creation
  • Enhanced URL parameters – better deep-linking
  • Accessibility enhancements


*Sprint schedule went from release 21 to 25.  Numbers 22, 23 & 24 were not used. 

Q1 Jan - Mar 2017

Sprint 20 - March

  • Select Hotel page enhancements
  • Brand display
  • Progress bar introduced
  • Defect remediation

Sprint 19 - March

  • Products
  • Packages
  • Mixed country search results / Sold out hotels
  • Target – testing tool integration

Sprint 18 - January 

  • Defect Remeadiation
  • Group Bookings

Q4 - Oct - Dec 2016

Sprint 17 - December

  • Select Hotel page enhancements
  • Redesign of amenities display
  • Accessibility compliance enhancements
  • Upgrade of AEM

Sprint 16 - November 

  • First post-launch sprint
  • Native currency by default
  • Booking summary