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Single Booking Path & Positioning of a Country Website

This document will outline the migration process. However, for the purposes of starting this discussion, it is best to think of the GRS as a global site with country or regional experiences carved out.  The degree to which you can customize these global experiences will be laid out not only in this document, but in discussions with your office where we will focus specifically on your migration.

Active members of the Paris Advisory Committee (PAC) are most likely familiar with the primary principles of the GRS. It is important to ensure that we approach this document with a common understanding of what your migration looks like. 

It is best to think of your migration as though you were being provided a portion of the GRS site, that is carved out for customers that visit the site from your region.  While customers may elect to land on the global homepage,  your ountry home page or regional pages will in essence be a place that you can point your existing country website URL that is in play, and serve content more unique to visitors from your region.    

It is important to note that this is still a single site that must be looked at holistically, and there are certain areas where we will expect consistency for all customers worldwide. One of the core areas where we will have consistency is the booking path, in that there will only be a single booking path.

This means that the data we collect in order to begin the booking process and execute a booking on the GRS, will be consistent amongst all users arriving at the site. If a change is to be made to the booking path, then we must all agree that the change is warranted.

We know that as we progress in the migration process, we will encounter unique situations that were not anticipated. We are prepared to consult with the various worldwide offices, and determine the best path forward to ensure consistency amongst consumers.