Website Services 

Various offices today also use their country website as a place for other services to be promoted. For example, many of you have a section that allows you to provide content specifically for hotel developers and not general consumers. While you will be permitted to create content pages of your country page that promotes these type of activities, the functionality available on these content pages will be very limited. This might mean that you will elect to maintain a developer site independently of your GRS section in order to retain this specific functionality or capability, and you may seek permission to link from the GRS to this site based on the content provider.

Presently many of you also offer Best Western Business Advantage (BWBA) to your customers. This program requires some level of specificity pertaining to the requesting office. While there are plans to truly globalize the BWBA initiative, these plans will not likely be realized prior to many of your sites migrating to the GRS.  Therefore, you may make a decision to continue to maintain just that portion of your site that supports the Best Western Business Advantage program and you can link to it from the Best Western Business Advantage page on .com, or the country page for your region. 

We will review all of these unique requirements with your office during your MVP review calls.  


Now let's discuss the MVP concept.  Best Western will not be able to satisfy every MVP request made by an affiliate. We are hoping that the majority of these can either be directly satisfied or indirectly satisfied by an existing piece of functionality. We need all offices to cooperate with best Western to ensure that we are making decisions that are globally relevant and move the revenue needle for the majority of hotels. That is not to say we will not develop functionality that specifically addresses a subset of hotels, but we are saying we need to prioritize those activities that have the greatest ROI.  It is the project governance associated with this prioritization that will be the corner stone of how we move forward together on this global site.  

Below you will find a list of the MVP items that have been submitted for your office.  You will also note one of six categorizations from Best Western relative to the disposition of that item. We will be discussing these items with you on a call specific to your office.  

  • We agree and functionality is currently supported
  • We agree and functionality is scheduled to be developed
  • We agree, but functionality has not yet been scheduled
  • More information is needed
  • Other department involvement is needed – mostly applicable to Marketing/BWR in regard to consideration of globalization of program strategy
  • We do not agree and do not plan on supporting functionality