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A Cross-Continent Trip in Indiana!

Explore the globe without leaving the Hoosier State. From South America to Africa to most of Europe, Indiana features dozens of unique towns named for dozens of famous worldwide countries, cities, and landmarks.

So head on down to Indiana and see for yourself how we’re not only the Crossroads of America, but also the world.


Even been to the United Kingdom? Avoid the customs line and head to Indiana for cities like Edinburgh, Scotland near Vincennes, Dublin near Richmond, and Oxford near Lafayette.

Western Europe cities reign supreme in the Hoosier State. German visitors can get a taste of home in Waterloo by Kendallville, East Germantown, and Munster near Schererville and Hammond. Get a taste of The Netherlands in Holland near Evansville, or Poland with a trip to Warsaw by Goshen outside of Fort Wayne. And for those not able to make the trip to Italy this vacation season, check out Milan, Indiana.

What about Eastern Europe? It’s here, too. Check out Livonia ­­– though you won’t be on the Baltic Sea – near New Albany and Clarksville. And don’t forget Eurasia. Russiaville is yet another lively Indiana city.


Africa also has a presence in the Hoosier State. Be sure to explore Monrovia – also the capital of the Liberia – near Martinsville, and even Morocco neighboring Monticello.

Middle East

You may be interested in traveling across the world to the ancient and fascinating lands of the Middle East – but for now just head to Lebanon outside of Indianapolis. And Mount Carmel welcomes all visitors and fellow residents of Indiana.

South America

The Western Hemisphere is also prevalent in Indiana as well. Be sure to explore colorful cities like Brazil and Peru – all here in the Hoosier State.


Let’s not forget the ole U.S. of A. Also within the great state of Indiana, you can visit classic American cities like Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Nashville, St. Paul, Topeka, Galveston, and Montgomery – all in Indiana. Even landmarks – so be sure to see the city of Alamo.

Even The Heavens

And if you’d rather explore the final frontier, check out Universal, Indiana.