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World's Largest Roadside Attractions

Get the Skinny on These World Famous Minnesota Icons

Some of us have gone our whole lives without seeing anything considered the world’s largest. Well here’s a way to get a whole bunch of them under your belt. Minnesota is home to a number of the world’s largest roadside attractions – everything from household items to fish and back to Vikings. You’ll meet Pelican Pete, Big Ole, and Lou T. Fisk during your trip through the North Star State.


Northern Minnesota

The northern end of the North Star State is home to Big Tom – the World's Largest Turkey in Frazee – and Paul Bunyan’s Fishing Bobber in Pequot Lakes.

Check out the gigantic hockey stick in Eveleth – the Hockey Capital of the United States – or head to the Chippewa National Forest for the town of Remer, home of the World's Largest Eagle.

From walleyes to the World's Largest Floating Loon of Virginia, northern Minnesota is well worth the trip.

Central Minnesota

One of Minnesota’s claims to fame is the World's Largest Twine Ball of Twine – created by one person – in the town of Darwin.

About two hours north is Vining Sculpture Garden , home to several of the world’s largest attractions. The Vining Sculpture Garden alone encompasses the World’s Largest Foot, Door Knob, Coffee Cup and Clothespin.

Introduce yourself to Otto the Big Otter in Fergus Falls, or the World’s Largest Crow in Belgrade. From booming prairie chickens to walleyes, you can’t miss a thing in central Minnesota.

Southern Minnesota

Home to Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul – southern Minnesota encompasses a number of attractions from boots to polar bears.

Check out the grounds of Walker Art Center in Minneapolis – a gathering of over 40 giant sculptures, and where you’ll find the World’s Largest Spoon & Cherry.

Say hello to the 44-foot snowman in North St. Paul, or give us your best cowboy pose at the 8-foot revolver in Mankato. Whether visiting the Twin Cities or driving through the bottom of Minnesota, you’ll find quite an adventure in southern North Star State.