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Twin Cities Roadside Attractions

Boots, Bears & Snowmen in Southern Minnesota

Spoon & Cherry – Minneapolis

Found in Minneapolis of the Twin Cities metropolitan area – and the nestled in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – is the World’s Largest Spoon & Cherry.

Officially called the “Spoonbridge and Cherry,” the structure was constructed in the mid 80s out of aluminum, stainless steel and paint by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.

Spoonbridge & Cherry sits amongst more than 40 other impressive structures, creating the entrance to the Walker Art Center. The garden neighbors St. Paul, Plymouth, and Eden Prairie.

Adirondack Chair – St. Paul

The Capital City of Minnesota is St. Paul, a member of the Twin Cities and home the big green Adirondack Chair. Have a seat in this giant deck chair in south St. Paul, and get a good view of Capital City landmarks like the High Bridge and surrounding landscapes.

More interesting attractions are found in Chaska, Eagan, Monticello, Oakdale, and Shakopee. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your time in Capital City.

Corn Ear – Rochester

What’s that in the sky? It looks so golden and tasty, like corn. Oh, it is corn. The southern Minnesota city of Rochester is home to the large Ear of Corn – an icon of the city and yet another stopping point while traveling through the North Star State.

The Ear of Corn acts as a water tower – creating a quirky steeple poking up through southern Rochester. Towering above the southeast corner of U.S. Highway 14 and U.S. Highway 63 – the Ear of Corn is quite a sight.

Lutefisk – Madison

Set in southwest Minnesota, the town of Madison has been dubbed the Lutefisk Capital of the World. Madison commemorates this honor by hosting the World’s Largest Lutefisk – set at the southeast corner of U.S. Highway 75 and Fair Street in J.F. Jacobson Park.

Go meet Lou T. Fisk, and codfish stretching to 30 feet in length created in the early 80s out of fiberglass and acrylics – acting as Madison’s mascot. Take a break from Highway 75 or Highway 40 and go meet Lou.

Snowman – North St. Paul

Travelers along Highway 36 in North St. Paul are in for a delight. Meet the World's Largest Snowman cheerily standing adjacent to the Margaret Street Bridge. Topping off at 44 feet and weighing in at 20 tons, this enormous stucco snowman has graced the town of North St. Paul since 1974.

Complete with red scarf, top hat and giant smile – the Snowman is a great accompaniment to the holiday season, and an offbeat friend of the city throughout the warmer month.

Boot – Red Wing

Sitting proudly in the Red Wing Shoe Museum is the World’s Largest Boot – size 638-D in case you’re wondering. Weighing over a ton and constructed in 2005, the Boot is found in the city of Red Wing.

Pick up your own pair of Red Wing boots at the gift shop, or check out the rest of Red Wing Shoe Museum. The museum is found less than two miles from the Best Western hotel in Red Wing, so don’t miss footwear claimed to be too big for even the Statue of Liberty – not that she’s a boot kind of gal anyway.

Polar Bear – White Bear Lake

Sitting just northwest of St. Paul and Minneapolis, the city of White Bear Lake has a white bear of its own. Greeting customers to the Polar Chevrolet Mazda dealership is the World's Largest Polar Bear, once adorned in some nifty American flag shorts.

Sitting at 35 feet, this fiberglass and steel friend of the city was constructed in 1964 by Gordon Shumaker – the same artist behind Big Ole, the giant Viking in Alexandria.

Revolver – Mankato

Stick ‘em up! Actually, keep your hands on the wheel for this road trip past the World’s Biggest Revolver in Mankato. This large six-shooter – actually a Colt Peacemaker replica – measures in at eight feet long and weighs 175 pounds.

Created in the late 1940's out of steel and wood grips, this unique roadside attraction is fitting for all you cowboys out there, and pretty much everybody else. Whether you’ve got a cowboy hat in the car, or can pull off a mean Eastwood look, don’t miss this rare photo opportunity.