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in the Border Towns of Texas

Seminole Canyon State Park in Comstock

Trek to Seminole Canyon to see the rock art left behind by prehistoric peoples. These incredible paintings tell the story of the people and animals that called this area home ages ago.

Seminole Canyon State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso

For those that love a little adventure, take a hike to the top of this mountain range that’s considered to be the southern-most tip of the Rocky Mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing pictographs coloring the rocks.

Big Bend National Park

On the northern end of the Chihuahuan Desert and right next to the Mexico border sits Big Bend National Park, which needs to be at the top of your trippin’ list. With over 1200 miles of desert to explore, there are dozens of must-see sights including the giant Balanced Rock, towering Santa Elena Canyon and bubbling Boquillas Hot Springs.

Big Bend National Park

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