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Visit the Cane River Creole Park in Louisiana

A trip to Louisiana isn’t complete with a visit to the Cane River Creole National Park. The park was established in the 90’s as a way to preserve the history and culture of the Cane River area.

Although Creole is often referred to a type of person (someone who is native to an area), it’s believed that Louisiana Creoles in colonial times referred to the term as creating New World products using Old World stock.

The site is home to two complete cotton plantations. The idea of the park is to tell the story of the struggles of the people who lived and worked on the plantations.

The park does offer guided tours. You can take a Slave/Tenant Quarters Guide Tour at the Oakland Plantation. Other tours are available as well. You can also join in the fun in tending the land at the Oakland Plantation Garden. You can book the park for events such as weddings and other activities. Family reunions are a common event that the park has catered to in the past.