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Discover Maine’s Government Sites and Buildings

Learn about Maine’s rich history and major events that have shaped the state with a tour of government buildings and historic sites. The Maine State House is one of the most notable buildings in the state, the house of the government for the state of Maine designed with neo-classical architecture. You can take a tour of the Maine State Library, visit the Maine State Museum, and discover the Maine State Archives around the Capitol grounds to make the most of your visit.

The State Capitol building in Augusta is also one of the most notable landmarks in Maine and open to the public for tours. You can take an informative one-hour tour of the Capitol building and go up into the dome to see the building’s architecture from a fresh perspective. Visitors can also take a tour of the governor’s office. A replica of the Liberty Bell is located behind the State Capitol building and the Samantha Smith statue is a few steps away.

Maine State House

Completed in 1832, the Maine State House is located is located Augusta, Maine. The building serves as the house of government for the state of Maine, containing the Maine Legislature and the offices of the Governor. Aside from the building’s striking neo-classical architecture and 185-foot-tall copper dome, visitors will find the Maine State Library, Maine State Museum, and the Maine State Archives on the Capitol grounds.