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New York’s Diverse Dishes, Craft Beer & Luscious Wines

New York has it all when it comes to bars and restaurants. On one block in Manhattan, you can find everything from tasty sushi to juicy burgers. Outside of the city, you can find vibrant food scenes in a number of cities that’ll give you a taste of their unique culture. The sheer number of options can be just as overwhelming as they are exciting, so here are a few spots to get you started on your culinary adventure in New York.

Carve out time for a toast at a wine bar or venture off outside of New York City and visit one of Long Island’s or Upstate New York’s family-owned vineyards for tours and tastings.

Our Favorite Food Experiences

The Old Union

As you travel across New York, make your way upstate to find some small town charms you won't find in the big city. In Binghamton, not far outside of Johnson City, you'll find a wealth of local favorites – from parks, to small markets, and plenty of bars and restaurants. Be sure to visit The Old Union before you depart.

The Old Union, at one time a hotel, is now a favorite for locals who seek excellent drink choices, quality food, and exemplary service – not to mention the live music. Whether it be the wings, a classic choice, their surf and turf special, or any of the cold beers on tap – or a perfectly mixed drink, if that's your flavor – The Old Union is an ideal destination on your next trip through upstate New York.

NYC's Famous Restaurant Scene

Food and culture walking tours are everywhere, but until you’ve experienced one in the Big Apple, you haven’t really done it right.

So come on, let’s adventure into the past, present and future of one of the yummiest and must cultured cities on the globe. From gourmet mom-and-pop restaurants and ethnic eateries, to quaint boutique cafes, New York has it all.

The Chelsea Market – a mega wholesale and retail food complex – takes up an entire city block, and houses 12 of New York City’s most outstanding food shops. A walking tour at the Chelsea Market takes close to 1.5 hours – Thursday through Sunday year 'round.

Taste goodies from Amy’s Breads, Buon Italia, the Lobster Place, and the Ronny Brook Milk Bar. Oh, and it should be mentioned that the Chelsea Market is also home to the Food Network.

Next, explore the Art of Sushi in Union Square. Savor the diversity of Japanese cuisine and culture during a fun and informative tasting event. Through six courses, you can enjoy delicacies like Maki, Nigri, and Sashimi paired with beer and sake. A culinary experience lasting 2.5 hours, this detailed adventure is perfect for the sushi lover to the sushi novice. After a tasting of this size, a nap is truly in order.

Calzones, New York slices, and spaghetti – what’s more New York than that? Walk the streets of John Gotti and Sammy the Bull, or visit the sites Martin Scorsese made famous while filming the “Godfather.”

Pizza is the pride of New York City, but it's hard to get city dwellers to agree on which spot really does have the best slice. One place that is definitely in the running is Di Fara. This family owned and operated pizzeria is located in Brooklyn and it's worth the trip, just be sure to get there early because they are known to close shop whenever they happen to run out of pizza dough.

Another spot worth mentioning if you’re looking to grab a slice or an entire pie customized to your liking, is John’s Pizzeria’s unique location in Times Square. It’s a former church converted into one of the most well-visited pizzerias in New York City.

Dessert? The cobblestone streets of NoHo/Nolita (the East Village) are known for serving up the best-baked goods and Italian food around! The Little Cupcake Bakeshop, Bread Restaurant, Bond Street Chocolate, and the Smile will all make your food fantasies come true in New York City.