Southwestern Alaska Road Trips


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Road Trips & Tours in Southwestern Alaska

History & Wildlife in the Last Frontier

Wander the hills with the brown bears or cruise the streets in Kodiak and other charming, bustling cities. The friendly people and vibrant wildlife will make South Western Alaska a destination that you won’t soon be forgetting.


What is the first thing you think of when you hear “Kodiak?” Bears? Maybe cameras? Well, you’re not completely wrong. You’ll be using your camera every few steps to capture the magnificent beauty of the city and its surrounding mountain ranges. If you want to see a bear, well there are tours for that too.

Must Sees
Kingfisher Aviation: Perhaps one of the safest ways to see bears in their natural habitat and a wonderful way to experience the distinctive beauty of one of America’s last great frontiers. Schedule your tour today to see ALL of Kodiak.

Kodiak Island Van Tours/Day Tours: The Kodiak Safari experience is unforgettable. Experience bears who stand taller than your van in their natural habitat, from a safe distance that allows safety for you and the wildlife. You’ll see more than you ever would have expected!

Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium & Touch Tank: There’s no dearth of creatures in the area surrounding Kodiak. Event he waters are overflowing with amazing sea life. See and touch them at the Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium & Touch Tank.

Local’s Guide
Sargent Creek: You’re getting the inside scoop here. Throw your line in the water and come home with more than you ever could from your stateside waters. You’ll never see fishing the same way again. Be sure to get your fishing license.


Dillingham is a regional hub for salmon fishing. Bristol Bay supports the world’s largest run of Sockeye Salmon. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Dillingham has nothing more to offer.

Must Sees
Wood-Tikchik State Park: Looking for wide open spaces? This is the largest state park in the nation. The park was established in 1978 to protect the fish and wildlife breeding. This is a pristine natural experience and a must see for nature-lovers.

Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary: Comprised of several rocky islands, the sanctuary protects the beautiful Pacific Walrus. Other protected wildlife and fowl include Steller Sea Lions and seabirds.

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge: Polish your tusks and trim your whiskers. When you visit this national wildlife refuge, you’re going to run into hundreds of seal lions and other amazing wildlife.

Local’s Guide
Bristol Bay Eagle: Clapping and yelling with the sea lions can make you pretty hungry. This local favorite is a sure thing when you’re done with the day’s adventures. Explore the buffet and only leave when you’re satisfied.

Dutch Harbor

As one of the few deep-water ports in the local area, Dutch Harbor has become an important destination over the last century and before. Historically, the harbor is a unique destination, even playing a major role in WWII and other parts of United States history. Oh, did I mention that there is a volcano...?

Must Sees
The Extra Mile Tours: These esteemed guides take their name seriously. With natural sites including bald eagles, WWII remains and volcanic activity, Dutch Harbor gives Extra Mile Tours plenty to show off.

Museum of the Aleutians: Maybe you don’t know who the Aleutians are yet. But you’ll be shocked at what an important role they have played in the country’s history. You’ll learn all of that and more at this one of a kind museum.

Makushin Volcano: Towering over the harbor at 6,000+ feet, the ice-covered volcano stands ominously in the backdrop of your view. Though dormant from catastrophic activity for over 8,000 years, there is plenty to learn from this sleeping giant.

Local’s Guide
The Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of Christ: The Russian Orthodox Cathedral is Unalaska’s most prominent landmark. It’s construction was completed in 1896 and is the oldest cruciform-style cathedral in North America. It is the repository for over 600 Russian Orthodox icons, books and relics. The historical and cultural impact of this building is more than worth a visit.