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Government Sites and Buildings in North Dakota

North Dakota’s State Capitol building is one of the most popular attractions in Bismarck, a 21-story tower that encompasses more than 160 acres. You’ll finds several other government buildings and historic sites to explore on this campus, including the State Office Building where you’ll find the office the North Dakota Attorney General and the North Dakota Governor’s Residence which sits off 4th Street.

Spend some time exploring the Myron Atkinson Park and Capitol Park on the capitol grounds or head off on the Arboretum Trail to see petrified tree stumps that date back more than 60 million years. You’ll also find a handful of statutes and memorials in this area. Another trail to see native prairie lands and wild flowers is the Prairie Trail that runs north of the Capitol Building’s Judicial Wing. You can spend some time seeing statues and monuments of the Pioneer Family, All Veterans Memorial, and the Purple Heart Memorial as you take a tour of the campus.

North Dakota State Capitol

Located on a 160-acre campus in Bismarck, the 19-story North Dakota State Capitol is the tallest in the state – and one of the city's main attractions. Constructed in 1933, the capitol grounds now feature six buildings, and an observation deck on the 18th floor. The North Dakota Governor's office is located in the tower, as well as many state departments and agencies. This "Skyscraper on the Prairie" is also where the North Dakota Legislative Assembly and the North Dakota Supreme Court meet when in session.