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Tour Unique and Inspiring Historic Sites in Wyoming

Make time to see historic sites in Wyoming and discover fascinating facts about the Old West. 

Atlantic City

A vast landscape of open ranges, mountains terrain, and a wealth of historic sites, Wyoming is a premier vacation destination. Plan your next visit to the Equality State and head south – you'll want to explore the rustic mountain town of Atlantic City. Once a booming gold camp, Atlantic City, today, is fun and unique tourist attraction. See the old west saloons, historic buildings, and remnants of the nearby gold mines. You can make the drive in from nearby South Pass City, or drive north from Rock Springs.

Historic Trails Interpretive Center

Travel to Wyoming soon and explore the Historic Trails Interpretive Center. Located in Casper, this center strives to educate the public on the significance of the region's historic trails. The center is co-managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the National Historic Trails Center Foundation.

Western expansion began in the 1800's, along the historic Wyoming, California, Oregon, Mormon Pioneer, Bozeman and Pony Express trails. Wyoming's 340 miles of trails, continue to be managed by the BLM. Visit the center to view the outdoor kiosks and the audiovisual presentation and learn more of the trails' important history.

Independence Rock

Reconnect with the rich history of the Cowboy State, during your visit to south-central Wyoming. Travel south of Casper on Highway 220, to reach the Independence Rock State Historic Site. Visit this historic site to see the large granite rock outcropping among the grassy prairie. The site's namesake, Independence Rock, stands nearly 130 feet high and measures 850 feet wide by 1,900 feet long.

This massive rounded rock has been visited by travelers since the 19th century, when pioneers passed by during their journey along the Emigrant Trail. During the 19th century, thousands of pioneers traveled past Independence Rock for many decades, leaving their inscriptions on the rock.

Visit this National Historic Site to see the remaining hundreds of names inscribed in the rock, from those early days. View the interpretive signs at the site, to learn more about its rich history, as you make your way to the rock. Scramble to the top of the rock to view more engravings and to admire the views of the vast Wyoming plains. Be sure to capture a picture of this historic site for a remembrance of your visit. Address: Highway 220 Casper, Wyoming

Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site

Visit one of the most unique and impressive sites – not just in Wyoming, but on the planet – on your next visit to Wyoming: the Legend Rock Petroglyph Site. Just outside of Thermopolis, Legend Rock is a protected site containing, at last count, 283 petroglyphs along 92 sandstone walls.

Scientific tests have concluded many of the 283 petroglyphs date to as far back as 10,000 years ago. Legend Rock is a premier destination in Thermopolis. Plan your next trek through the Equality State and be sure to spend a day exploring Legend Rock. Don't miss a tour of the Legend Rock Visitor Center.

Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site

Plan your next visit to Wyoming and be sure to check out the Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site. Found just west of the Bighorn National Forest, and only minutes from Thermopolis, Medicine Lodge SAS consistently proves to be one of the premier educational and historic sites in Wyoming. Accessed easily via State Route 31, Medicine Lodge SAS features enormous sandstone cliffs which display hundreds of ancient Native American pictographs and petroglyphs. These historic and important paintings date back 10,000 years, to some of the earliest known humans in the area.

Oregon Trail Ruts National Landmark

Set on the on the North Platte River, the Oregon Trail Ruts site preserves visible wagon ruts from travelers of the Oregon Trail between 1841 to 1869. The ruts are located within Guernsey State Park in southeastern Wyoming. The Oregon Trail Ruts near Guernsey was declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1966, and is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The conserved wagon ruts are found just northeast of Wheatland.

Sundance State Bank Building

Also called Bid Building, the Sundance State Bank Building is located in northeastern Wyoming in the city of Sundance . Built in 1914, the sandstone structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Found on Main Street, the Sundance State Bank Building is a short walk from the statue of Harry Longabaugh – better known as the Sundance Kid – at the corner of 3rd Street and East Cleveland Street. Great for pictures, and don’t expect Robert Redford.

Trail End State Historic Site

A historic house museum, the Trail End State Historic Site is the former family home of rancher and politician John B. Kendrick. Set in Sheridan in northern Wyoming, this Wyoming state park features tours, exhibits, and events. Trail End State Historic Center features the 1913 mansion museum, plus the 1910 carriage house, and nearly four acres of grounds. Open from April to December, the site offers self and staff guided tours.

Wyoming Territorial Prison

History buffs love spending time in Southern Wyoming. Numerous historical sites are found in Laramie. The Wyoming Territorial Prison was 1872, and housed over 1,000 people.

The prison was used from 1872 until 1903. Afterwards, the prisoners were moved to Rawlins, Wyoming. The prison, the Warden's house and Prison Industries building were used by the College of Agriculture at the University of Wyoming, as an experiment station for a number of years.

In 1989, the prison and the accompanying buildings were restored to preserve their historical value. While in Laramie, be sure to add the prison site to your list of must-see historical attractions.

The Ivinson Mansion and Grounds, the East Side School and the Fort Sanders Guardhouse, all located in Laramie, are among the twenty historical sites listed on the National Register of Historical Places.