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A Natural Beauty Tour

Drive through Eastern Wyoming and you’ll see one natural wonder after another. From the Big Horn Mountains to Devil’s Tower, there’s a beautiful sight worth visiting at every turn.


Wide open land full of farms, ranches, and a family centered community, Wheatland is a place that will greet you with warm hospitality.

Must Sees
Wheatland Reservoir: Wheatland’s fishing scene is phenomenal. If you haven’t caught anything in a while, Wheatland can make you feel like a pro. Stop by a local fish shop and ask what’s biting.

Laramie Peak Museum: Become a pioneer for a day at Laramie Peak Museum. Learn about artifacts from the original Platte County settlers and the famous Oregon Trail. Find out the museum’s hours of operation by calling 307-322-3765.

Local’s Guide
Wheatland Farmer’s Market: With Wheatland being a farming town, you know their farmer’s market is good. Fill your bag with produce fresh off the field for the rest of your trip.


Lusk, the crossroads of the west. A cozy prairie-land town at the gateway of South Dakota’s Black Hills.

Must Sees
Black Hills, SD: Just over the South Dakota border, is a feast of natural wonders. Colorful humps and jagged spears stretch up out of green valleys. The Black Hills have a total of six national parks for you to explore: The Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Jewel Cave National Monument, Wind Cave, Minutemen Missile National Historic Site, and who could forget the one and only Mount Rushmore. Getting a picture with the giant stone faces is worth the trip alone. The Black Hills is a jackpot of natural beauty.

Stagecoach Museum: You’ve seen them in just about every Western film, and now you can experience them for real! The museum’s extensive collection of stagecoaches from different eras will definitely make you appreciate the comforts of modern transportation.

Local’s Guide
The Pizza Place: The name might not be original, but their recipe is! A few years ago the restaurant burned down, but has since relocated and taken with it all of their loyal fans. People drive long distances to come taste of its goodness. We recommend ordering their succulent BBW Pork Pizza, it’s heavenly. (218 S Main St Lusk, WY 82225, (307) 334-3000)


Welcome to the official “Home of the Jackalope”. The mythical animal became famous after a local hunter in the 30’s grafted deer antlers onto a jackrabbit. From there the tall tales spread like wildfire and to this day, Douglas issues Jackalope hunting licenses and even holds a festival in honor of the fictional creature. Embracing the legend is your first step to a fun and memorable visit to Douglas, a city steeped in tradition.

Must Sees
Ayres Natural Bridge: A 50-foot high, 30-foot long rock arch that stretches over a babbling creek surrounded by vegetation. For years a dark legend has surrounded the bridge. Legend has it that a young Indian hunter was struck by lightning near the canyon and an evil spirit has lived under the bridge ever since. Check it out for yourself to appreciate the bridge’s history and beauty.

Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum: Head over to the fairgrounds for a true taste of history. Inside are priceless artifacts and displays from the Pioneers’ westward expansion. You’ll be amazed by their collection.

Fort Fetterman State Historic Site: Established as a military post in 1867, the fort served as an important army fort during the Civil War and contentions with the local Indian Tribes. Today, you can learn the fort’s history while touring the site that overlooks the Platte River.

Glendo State Park: Wyoming’s watersport paradise. There’s plenty of space for water skiers to cut across the wake and glide over the morning glass. Not to mention all the beautiful beaches for you to explore.

Local’s Guide
La Costa Mexican Restaurant: How can you go wrong with all-you-can-eat nachos? It’s every road-trippers dream stop. Chow down on truly authentic Mexican food in gloriously large portions.


Forget about the bald, friendly ghost. The town of Casper has its own claims to fame. The oil boomtown is known as the “The Oil City” of Wyoming and is famous for its contagious cowboy culture. Strap on your boots and join in the festivities!

Must Sees
Casper Mountain: This 8,130-foot mountain is covered in trails for both hikers and mountain bikers alike. Start at Rotary Park on the Bridle Trail that takes you to breathtaking views of the city and of Garden Creek Falls.

Casper Planetarium: Lay back and relax as you fly through the universe. See the galaxy as you’ve never seen it before with one of the Planetarium’s seasonal shows. Check show times at

Fort Caspar Museum & Historic Site: Named after 2nd Lieutenant Casper Collins who died in the Platte Bridge Battle of 1865. It once served as a humble trading post along the Oregon Trail but was later taken over by the Army and used as protection from Lokota and Cheyenne raids. This historical landmark today is home to reconstructed log cabins, a museum, and a Mormon ferry replica.

Local’s Guide
The Cottage Café: Tucked away behind trees off Lincoln Street, you’ll find a cozy little blue cottage. Step inside and treat yourself to the finest sandwiches in town. Try specialty sandwiches like the Grilled Steak ‘n Cheddar or the Chic-A-Doodle-Doo.


Feel the warmth of Western hospitality in a town that’s nestled between rolling plains and the Big Horn Mountains. Enjoy the day in town among the dozens of historical buildings and landmarks, or take a short drive to the many outdoor attractions surrounding the area.

Must Sees
The Bighorn Mountains: What you’ll notice right away in Big Horn is its diverse landscape. One minute you’re hiking a trail through evergreen forest along a stream, the next you’re trekking through canyons and alpine peaks to get to cascading waterfalls and arid desert. A journey through the Bighorns is like five trips in one. One of its real treasures is Crazy Woman Canyon. Take a scenic hike or drive through the incredible rock formations that tower over Crazy Woman Creek. You’d have to be crazy not to check it out.

Local’s Guide
Lake DeSmet: Huge, sparkling, and full of mystery, Lake DeSmet’s past is the stuff of legends. The famous Native American love story between Star Dust and Little Moon took place here. They say that if you hear the wind moaning over the waters, that’s the call of the Warrior. It’s also believed that deep beneath the surface there lives an ancient dinosaur-like monster appropriately named Smetty. Bring Loch Ness into the picture and we’ll have the setting of two legendary love stories. Hey, anything can happen.