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Best Road Trips in South Carolina

See the Palmetto State Along These Famed Tours

Hit the road and see the South Carolina Coast this summer, have a crisp adventure in the Appalachian Mountains this winter, or just plain enjoy yourself any time in between.

Why not start with the Lowcountry? South Carolina’s Lowcountry holds a special place in history. Dating back to the colonial days in the 18th century, this area thrived on growing rice and blending that with the abundant seafood from the estuaries to create a culinary tradition closer to traditional Cajun cuisine than much of the Southern cooking that dominates the state and the Deep South.

The southern half of South Carolina’s coast is part of Lowcountry. From the beautiful and historic Charleston north, it’s still Lowcountry but with beach areas that become more accessible and turn into the wide, hard-packed sandy expanses that become inviting for everyone from sunbathers and beachcombers to surfers and sailing enthusiasts.

Race fan? The Carolinas are the home of racing and motorsports. South Carolina features a mixture of tracks, from famous dirt tracks to “the track too tough to tame.” Along the way, we’ll check out some of the towns, hit some museums dedicated to racing and transportation, and get a good look at South Carolina in the process from the foothills to the beach…all on the South Carolina Racing Tour.

Ever been upstate? While not considered a mountainous state, South Carolina does share in some of the Appalachian chain and has plenty of topography in the northwestern part of the state, known as the “Uplands”; the region has been, popularly called “Upstate.”