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Tennessee Civil War NHA

Featuring historic landmarks all across the state of Tennessee, the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area preserves a collection of sites significant to “America’s greatest challenge."

Visitor Information

The Heritage Center, located in Murfreesboro in central Tennessee, is free of admission and open from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Beyond the Heritage Center, each site has varying location, availability, and potential admission fees.

The heritage area is split into eight major corridors, each with its own heritage sites. To the west, there’s the Mississippi River, Tennessee River, Louisville and Nashville, Memphis, and Northwestern Corridors, the Cumberland and Chattanooga Corridors mid-state, and the Eastern Tennessee Corridor accounting for the east.

Attractions & Activities

The Heritage Center serves as the ideal staging area for your journey through the Tennessee Civil War NHA. Aside from acting as a headquarters for the heritage area, it also tells its own story with a collection of exhibits, orientation films, downtown tours, and more.

One of the best ways to explore the heritage area is by embarking on one of the heritage area’s 12 driving tours. For instance, Tennessee’s Reconstruction Pass: A Driving Tour passes through the Eastern Tennessee Corridor and visits sites like the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in Greeneville, heads west to the Tennessee Capitol in Nashville, and finishes near the Memphis National Cemetery.

Smaller tours include the Historic Lynchburg Tour – traversing the historic seat of Monroe County and fan-favorite stops like the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Likewise, the Battle of Franklin Civil War Tour explores landmarks in Franklin like the Carter House, the Lotz House, Fort Granger, and plenty more through the Louisville and Nashville Corridor.

Delving into the dense history of the Civil War even further, all of Tennessee’s National Military Parks are featured throughout the heritage area, including Shiloh, Stones River, Fort Donelson, and Chattanooga in Lookout Mountain. Each sight features its own unique story and comes highly recommended.

By the numbers, the Tennessee Civil War NHA features well over 100 sites, each with its own unique story and purpose specific to the state of Tennessee. Beyond what’s been covered here, there is plenty more to see, too, so plan your next trip through TN and be sure to stop by any of the sites.