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Pecos National Historical Park

Explore a diverse landscape of historical significance when you visit Pecos National Historical Park.

This park, near Santa Fe, sprawls across thousands of acres and is dotted with monuments and structures of historic significance. The largest single feature is Pecos Pueblo, a Native American community abandoned long before white settlers arrived. Perhaps the most surprising is Glorieta Pass Battlefield, which dates to the American Civil War.

Pecos Pueblo was one of about 22 rock and mud villages which were built here around 1100. By the year 1450, a five-story pueblo complex housed more than 2,000 people. Also in the park are the remains of Mission Nuestra Senora de los Angeles de Porciuncula de los Pecos, a Spanish mission built in the early 1600s. A 1.25-mile leads from a visitors’ center to the ruins of the pueblo and mission church.

Another part of the park is Forked Lightning Ranch, a cattle ranch built in the 1920s. The ranch housed a stagecoach stop along the Santa Fe Trail and also sheltered Union forces during the Battle of Glorieta Pass. Parts of the trail itself can still be seen – the rutted tracks left by wagons is visible among the sage and brush.