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Sip Your Way Through Lake County Wineries and Vineyards

Quickly becoming known for high-quality Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Lake County is a refreshing wine destination. It’s centered around its namesake Clear Lake, which is the biggest natural freshwater lake in all of California. You can sip fine wines and enjoy myriad outdoor activities like bass fishing, kayaking, and water skiing. Located just south of Mendicino County and just north of Napa and Sonoma, this region boasts the freshest air in the state.

Lake County vineyards grow well in the region’s rocky volcanic red soil. Enjoy stunning high valley scenery at Brassfield Estate Winery, a peaceful oasis of oak trees, manicured gardens, and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Cache Creek Vineyards features a fun wine barrel-shaped building, while sheep and goats graze the grounds at Beaver Creek Vineyards. Hop between tasting rooms in the small town of Kelseyville, including Tulip Hill, Steele Wines, and Wildhurst. Try bright, fruit-forward wines at Gregory Graham and see unique public hop kilns at Milano Family Winery. Sample your way across scenic Lake County.

Brassfield Estate Winery

Expand your wine palate with a visit to the north coast of California – be sure to visit the city of Clearlake and check out the nearby Brassfield Estate Winery. Lake County is another of California's exemplary wine regions, and the Brassfield Estate Winery is a top destination.

You'll find Brassfield Estate Winery just inland of the actual Clear Lake the city was named for. With exceptional northern California views, a wide variety of wines, and a charming aura, the Brassfield Estate Winery never fails to impress. Visit soon and enjoy a mouthful of flavors.

Gregory Graham Wines

Plan on broadening your wine tastes the next time you visit California. Head to the north coast and visit Gregory Graham Wines in Lower Lake, just south of Clearlake and the actual Clear Lake. Whether you prefer the reds, whites, or blends, Gregory Graham Wines has what you're looking for.

Opened in 2005, and solar powered since 2011, Gregory Graham Wines is owned and operated by namesake and founder Gregory Graham. Find a wide variety of wines at Gregory Graham – Syrah, Cabernet, Sauvignon, and because of the 13-acre Zinfandel vineyard, they're ripe with zins!

Ceágo Vinegarden

As you embark on your next northern California wine-tasting adventure, be sure to visit the Ceago Vinegarden, found just along the north shore of Clear Lake. Make the short drive in from the city of Clearlake and enjoy exceptional views, a wide range of wines, and premier service.

The Ceago Vinegarden is classified as a premium boutique due to their overall size and because they only produce about 6,000 cases of wine each year. At 163 acres, the entirety of Ceago Vinegarden pales in comparison to some of the larger vineyards, but the quality high end.

Wildhurtst Vineyards

California is known for a myriad of things – beaches, amusement parks, Hollywood, and even sports teams. However, one of the most popular tourism aspects in California, in particular, the northern regions, is the wine industry. Whether you're a fan of full bodies reds, sweet whites, or just looking to explore the gamut, you'll find plenty of wineries and vineyards across the North Coast.

Plan your visit and head for Clearlake, the charming city named for the actual body of water, Clear Lake. Once there, make a trip over to the Wildhurst Vineyards, a top destination in Lake County. Opened in 1997, the Wildhurst Vineyards is in the quaint town of Kelseyville. The summer temperatures in Kelseyville tend to yield incredible harvests used to make some of their signature Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.