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Explore Australia During the Year of Travel

As we emerge from two years of life without travel, Australia invites you to get back to exploring its pristine beaches, mischievous wildlife, cascading vineyards and bustling cities as this year becomes our year of travel. Whether you’re craving a seaside escape, regional detox or a jaunt across the ditch, there’s plenty to inspire your future travel plans when you wander out yonder, so dive right in to start planning your next holiday.

Explore Australia’s Capital Cities

Australia’s capital cities have so much to offer from harbourside sunsets, adventure packed outings and access to award-winning eateries that truly showcase what makes this beautiful country so diverse. The perfect hub for a day trip or weekend away, these metro melting pots are jam packed with activities sure to draw you back time and again. So, get ready to get back to the hustle of city life and linger longer with some of our top picks no matter what sort of holiday mood you find yourself in. 

Head into Regional Australia this Season

Ready to escape the city and slow down? Enjoy some of Australia’s small towns with big heart as you get out of town and get back to basics. There are a number of beautiful regional getaways promising to deliver the R&R that you so deserve. Just a few hours outside of our capital cities, regional Australia is calling for you to come on down and hang with the locals. Check out our tried-and-true regional escapes and see what’s on the calendar for a regional road trip worth travelling. 

Experience Australia’s Coastal Hideouts

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the rugged beauty of the Australian coastline. With plenty of scenic coastal drives to choose from in nearly every state, the possibilities are endless. The big blue invites you to take on a road trip to spot the migrating gentle giants, swim with magnificent marine life or dive straight into the Great Barrier Reef and explore its beauty firsthand. Explore some of our top picks for coastal getaways and plan your holiday.