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Hotels in Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is situated in the central part of the Republic of Armenia, inside the Geqharkunik Province, at the altitude of 1,916 m above sea level.  It is fed by 28 rivers and streams. Bus and train line transportation are available to Sevan Lake from the Armenian capital Yerevan in approximately 2 hours.

The most famous cultural monument is the Sevanavank monastery near the town of Sevan at the northwestern shore. Initially the monastery was located on an island, but the fall of the water level turned it into a peninsula. There are numerous beaches along the entire lake shore. The most popular of them is a 2.5 kilometers stretch on the northern shore, extending northwest from the peninsula. Resorts include Harsnaqar Hotel, Best Western Bohemian Resort, and numerous smaller facilities. Activities available include swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing. The area also includes numerous campgrounds and picnic areas for daytime use.

Top Attractions

  • Sevanavank Monastery
  • Hayravank Monastery

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