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Boracay Hotels

Boracay - the Philippines' tropical island paradise

The Philippines is home to more than 7,500 islands, but few are as perfectly picturesque as Boracay - the tropical heart of this idyllic archipelago. Famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, Boracay has long been a favored destination for Filipinos and is now becoming increasingly popular among international travelers. In fact, the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine selected Boracay as the world's best island in 2016, and TripAdvisor users named it as one of the world's best beaches in 2017. But despite this rising popularity, Boracay remains charmingly low-rise and less developed than major other popular Asian resort islands. Guests can choose from a series of idyllic stretches of sand, including the aptly-named White Beach, which is 5km long and home to many tourist facilities, or Bulabog Beach, which is a top destination for kite-surfing and wind-surfing. Book now at Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort and discover everything this delightful destination has to offer.

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Beautiful beaches

The biggest attraction for any visitor to Boracay is surely the island's stunning white sand beaches. Lapped by crystal clear seas and fringed by palm trees, Boracay’s beaches – 17 of them in total – are gaining a global reputation for their quality and beauty. The island's west coast, which is the place for spectacular sunsets, is lined by the aptly-named White Beach, which runs from 5km along the coast up to the smaller Diniwid Beach. Both offer fantastic opportunities for rest and relaxation and a wealth of amenities. On the island's east coast, Bulabog Beach, Ilig Iligan Beach and Tambisaan Beach provide a greater sense of adventure, with water sports and snorkelling opportunities.

Kite-surfing and wind-surfing

With its shallow seas and brisk breezes, Boracay is one of the world's top destinations for kite-surfing and wind-surfing. Much of this activity centers on Bulabog Beach, an 8km-long stretch of sand on the island's east coast. Here, experienced surfers and first-timers can head out into the lagoon and harness the wind, enjoying an adrenalin rush that becomes increasingly addictive. Several good kite-surfing and wind-surfing companies operate on Bulabog Beach, providing the full range of equipment and multi-language tuition. The best time to visit is from November to May when the winds are consistent. Major international competitions also provide terrific entertainment.

Diving and snorkelling

The stunning seas surrounding Boracay provide exceptional opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling. Several good companies have risen to cater for divers, the majority of which are located close to White Beach. All of the island's dive shops are members of the Boracay Association of Sport and Scuba Diving (BASS). Guests can enjoy impressive snorkelling opportunities all around the island, while several excellent dive spots can be found further offshore, with sharks, manta rays and turtles all inhabiting Boracay's tropical waters. Interestingly, one company has started specializing in free-diving, allowing guests to plunge to depths of 20 meters without oxygen tanks.

Cliff diving at Ariel's Point

Adventurous guests can take the plunge - quite literally - at Ariel's Point. Accessible by a 35-minute boat ride from Boracay’s White Beach, this eco-adventure is actually located on the main island of Panay. Visitors can explore the exquisite seascape, with swimming, snorkelling, boat rides, kayaking and paddle-boarding all available. But the main reason people visit Ariel's Point is for the cliff diving. Adrenalin junkies or travelers simply seeking a memorable holiday experience can leap into the crystal clear waters from a choice of diving boards and platforms, which range from a gentle three meters to a heart-pounding 15 meters in height.

Motag Living Museum

Guests seeking a break from Boracay's beachfront attractions can spend half a day immersing themselves in the area's traditional culture at the Motag Living Museum. Located on the main island of Panay, just a short boat ride from Boracay, this interactive attraction showcases life in this rural part of the Philippines as it has existed for centuries. This includes learning traditional farming methods, practicing classical crafts, cooking local dishes, singing folk songs and even riding water buffalo. The guided tour takes approximately two hours, but guests can extend their visit to the mainland with a trip to the Nabaoy River.

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Things to do in Boracay

Neighborhoods to Explore

  • White Beach
  • Bulabog Beach
  • Diniwid Beach
  • Puka Shell Beach
  • Ilig Iligan Beach

Top Things to Do In Boracay

  • Chill out on a choice of beaches
  • Discover the island’s many beaches with a boat tour
  • Go kite-surfing or wind-surfing on Bulabog Beach
  • Watch the spectacular sunset at White Beach
  • Explore the underwater world with a diving or snorkelling trip
  • Take the plunge with a cliff jump at Ariel's Point
  • After dark, enjoy Boracay’s famous nightlife

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