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Hotels in Sofia

Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, located in the western part of the country at the foot of Mount Vitosha. It is the administrative, cultural, economic, and educational centre of the country. Sofia has a large number of museums, theatres, concert halls, art galleries and many night clubs and traditional taverns. A number of popular airlines offer regular scheduled flights to the International Airport of Sofia from most of the European capitals and other countries. The Bulgarian railway connects Sofia with many European towns.

Sofia has prehistoric settlements excavated in the centre of the present city, near the Royal Palace, as well as in outer districts Slatina and Obelya. The well-preserved town walls (especially their substructures) date back before the 7th century BC. The city offers expansive green areas and almost all streets have a greenway of century-old trees.

Sofia concentrates the majority of Bulgaria's leading performing arts troupes. Theatre is by far the most popular form of performing art, and theatrical venues are among the most visited, second only to cinemas. The oldest such institution is the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, which performs mainly classical plays and is situated in the very centre of the city.

Top Attractions

  • The early Byzantine church of St. Sophia
  • The gold-domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • The National Palace of Culture

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