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Odense Hotels

Follow in H.C. Andersen's footsteps in Odense

Odense is perhaps best known for being the birthplace and residency of famous author H.C. Andersen. But this city is also a beautiful and sea close town with a wide range of exciting museums and markets, cobblestones, green parks and a delicious marzipan industry. In Odense you will also find several high qualitative and comfortable hotels that ensures many wonderful experiences.

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Odense - a city of activities

Odense is one of Denmark's largest and oldest cities, with a 1000-year history. Despite this, the city is still quite small and it is easy to move between different attractions and sights. For those who travel with younger kids, the Children's Culture House Fyrtøjet is well worth a visit. This building looks like a large dollhouse, and offers a variety of dramas and performances influenced by H.C Andersen's many adventures. The visitors can dress up to different characters in fairy tales and try stage make up. Just next to Fyrtøjet you will also find the H.C. Andersen House, which for example serves as a book store.

At the Odense Zoo both children and adults can experience all kinds of exotic animals. The park offers many different vantage points that make it easy to get a closer look at the various animals. Besides this the zoo also offer several playground and picnic areas. For a little extra excitement, visitors can choose to visit the zoo at a time when the animals are fed. If you book your visit in advance, it is also possible for the children to experience what it’s like to feed the giraffes.

If you’re interested in shopping you should absolutely visit the Kongensgade and Vestergade pedestrian streets. Here you find the major clothing brands, and the smaller side streets also holds many specialty shops and wine shops. Are you interested in vintage, design and nightlife you will find many fascinating shops in the Brandts Passage and Vintapperstræde. For example Design Retro at Kochsgade 101 offers Danish design from the 1950s and onwards. Brandts Klædefabrik on the other hand is a cultural gathering point that also includes the Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture. Here you will find everything from classical to challenging contemporary art, fashion and design.

Are you interested in vehicle technology? Then you should visit Jernbanemuseet (the Railway museum) which collects many large, small and even very small machines, locomotives and wagons. The kids can explore the vehicles on both the inside and outside or maybe take a ride at the children's railway station.


Lovely to be a guest at a hotel in Odense

After a long day of sightseeing and exploration it may be nice to get back to the hotel where you can relax, and lay down for a while. If you have chosen Best Western, you will always sleep at one of the best hotels in Odense, and gather plenty of new energy. Later, during the evening, we recommend you to visit some of Odense's delicious restaurants where you should also remember to order the city's famous marzipan for dessert. At Frellsen you can enjoy homemade chocolate, creamy prawns with raspberries and much more. When it comes to food, the restaurant known as Gastroteket always offers good local food and specialties.


Enjoy life in Odense

Whatever attractions and attractions you choose to experience, do not forget to take the time to unwind and walk around in this charming city. There are many good hotels in Odense. Enjoy some luxury and be sure to book a few nights longer to extend the feeling of vacation.


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Things to do in Odense

Top Things To Do In Odense

  • Fyrtøjet - A children's culture house with various activities based on H.C. Andersen's adventures
  • Odense Zoo
  • Railway Museum
  • Egeskov castle - one of Europe's best preserved mansions
  • Funen Village (Folk Museum)
  • Brandts Klædefabrik - Art Museum, Culture and Fashion
  • Segway, kayak, bike, canoe in town

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