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Hotels in Marseille 

Marseille is a multicultural port city located in the south of France in the Provençal coastline. Chosen as the European Capital of Culture since 2013, Marseille is a charming city with a long list of things to do and see during your stay. Go for an authentic experience in this vibrant city.

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Marseille’s heart is the Old Port where yachts and pleasure boats are pitching on the Mediterranean Sea. Both sides of the port are surrounded by bars and brasseries where you’ll taste a succulent cuisine from the South. This lively waterfront is a must see for tourists and this is where you can enjoy the best bouillabaisse, flavorful seafood stew which is the specialty of Marseille.

Uphill you’ll find the ancient Le Panier neighborhood, oldest quarter of the city, where the Greek first settled. Wander in the streets and feel an artsy atmosphere among hidden squares and sun-bakes cafes.  This colorful neighborhood is the historic center and cultural heart of Marseille.

Go up the iconic Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde and get a fantastic snapshot on the city. Featuring an opulent Neo-Byzantine design of light and dark marble, the basilica was used as an observation point.

Finally the Joliette area is filled with shops, boutiques, galleries and a local market where you can taste Marseille specialties.

Take off to the Chateau d’If standing on a beautiful island you can reach with the Express ferry. Located on the Frioul Islands archipelago, the Chateau d’If shows a spectacular scenery with protected coves, turquoise waters and sandy creeks. You can also extend the trip out of Marseille to the Calanques, that limestone cliffs and creeks standing in deep blue waters. Feel the refreshing sea breeze. Offering the splendor of nature, the Calanques National Park is a peaceful place with splendid colors and a rare wildlife.

Don’t miss out the museums that you’ll find in Marseille beginning with the history, culture and civilization of the Mediterranean in the MuCEM. This museum is of genuine world class with cracking exhibitions. 

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Things To Do In Marseille

Marseille Top Attractions

  • MuCEM
  • Fort Saint Jean
  • Old Port
  • Prado Beach
  • Calanques National Park
  • Borely Park
  • Notre Dame de la Garde
  • La Joliette Cathedral
  • Cité Radieuse
  • Chateau d’If

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