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Naples is a city that attracts for its extraordinary seductive abilities, the charm of its landscapes and the alchemy of the various cultures that make up its history. This stratification started with the Greek foundation, then embracing the greatest civilizations of every historical age which have marked its every facet; Naples is Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Norman, Swabian, French, Austrian, Spanish, but it is especially Mediterranean, the land of the myth that has inspired all kinds of poets and artists.

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Its urban fabric is an open book, a compendium of history and art that weaved into the scenery of gothic and Romanic churches, of roman roads, castles, Greek walls looking out onto baroque age buildings, where recent and far past mix in a continuous osmosis that can be felt clearly in the overlapping of archaeological spaces and in the impossible architectures underground. This is the reason why a large part of the city has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

If you're going to Naples there are many possible itineraries, to the extent that trying to draw map of them is quite difficult. Perhaps the best way to get into the city's atmosphere is the one described by Goethe, roaming around the roads and letting the city itself guide you through the labyrinth of alleys in the historical centre, a true and proper open air museum. For art lovers an absolute must will be a visit to the city's museums, the Archeologico Nazionale, the most important in Europe, and the Museo and Gallerie Nazionali di Capodimonte, At night, like all Mediterranean cities, Naples lives on the street, with bars and venues of all kinds.

At the center of the Gulf of Naples you can admire the Mount Vesuvius, became famous for the catastrophic eruption of 79 AD that destroyed the spectacular Roman city of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Today you can see the consequences of this disaster walking through the ancient ruins of those city. From the Forum to the villas, from shops to thermae, in those archeological sites you will step back in time.

During your stay in Campania do not miss to visit the Amalfi coast, with its little white houses of Mediterranean flavour laid out straight over the sea in a labyrinth of alleyways and stairs, and Cilento area, with its wild and uncontaminated coast, the large beaches and the charming sea caves and bays.

Do you need additional reason to visit this city? We persuade you with only one world: pizza!

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