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Hotels in Central America 

Small in size, big in adventure

The Central American region is home to seven counties, each sharing similar characteristics from rain forests and volcanos to the beautiful beaches flanked by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. Visitors quickly find that each country offers its own unique adventures, allowing you to customize your trip. For those who enjoy exploring the vast waters, Belize is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Home to the second largest barrier reef, as well as the amazing “blue hole”, discover colorful fish, sharks and stingrays living in these abundant ecological waters.

If exploring above ground is your style, check out Costa Rica known for its lush rain forest. From hikes through the forest floor to tours through the canopy, keep your eye out for some of the local residents including tropical birds, jaguars, monkeys and vibrant tree frogs.

History buffs will love the riches of Guatemala where Mayan ruins dominate the landscape. Discover the temples, ball courts and pyramids that can date back to 700 AD. El Salvador beckons many travelers to explore the heights of the mountains and volcanos to the beaches along the Pacific Ocean, enjoying the distinctive coffee of the country every step of the way. For a truly unique experience try “volcano boarding” in Nicaragua. Just as the name implies, you can ride a wooden board down the side of one of the many volcanos. Wherever Life Takes You, Best Western Is There.®


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