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Guatemala City Hotels

Guatemala City's Breathtaking Beauty & Culture

A city steeped in Mayan history and tradition, Guatemala City is proud of it’s culture, both ancient and present day. As Guatemala’s largest city, Guatemala City is bustling with people, tradition, culture and night life. You’ll also most likely hear languages you don’t recognize as there are still more than twenty indigenous languages that are spoken in this multiethnic city.

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Zona Viva Nightlife

The Zona Viva, “lively zone”, is what is also known as Zone 10 in Guatemala City. It’s one of the more affluent areas in Guatemala City full of gourmet restaurants, bars, night clubs and shopping. If you looking for a vibrant nightlife or something to do after-hours in Guatemala City, you’ll want to visit this cosmopolitan part of town that is also home to Guatemala City’s finest Oakland Mall, boasting over 170 stores sprawling 3 massive flores, Zone 10 is the place to be.

Shopping in Guatemala City

Whether you’re shopping for gifts and artisan handicrafts or looking for an upscale fashion mall, Guatemala City offers it all. You can stroll the seemingly endless maze downtown at the Mercado Central for textiles, traditional clothing and artisan crafts, or catch a ride to the Pradera Concepción mall where you can shop in any one of numerous large department stores. Visit the Galerías Miraflores, located on the 21 Avenida, for more upscale shopping or the Oakland Mall in Zone 10, with some of Guatemala’s most exclusive stores.

Hiking in Guatemala

Get a glimpse of nature’s awesome, subterranean power when you visit Guatemala City. The city sits at the high altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and is home to 37 volcanoes surrounding the country, standing watch over its fertile soil. There are currently only 3 active volcanoes in Guatemala that sit so high, they can be seen from numerous cities. Participate in one of the numerous hiking tours to discover the flora and fauna of this fertile land.

Lively Music Scene

Along with the art and design, the music scene in Guatemala City adds another colorful dimension to the culture you’ll find. The city is brimming with local artists of every type of musical influence, from punk to house to traditional music, there are regular events held in the city with emerging artists from all over Guatemala and Central America.

Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala is not only known for it’s culture and heritage but also for its full-bodied and aromatic coffee. The highlands of Guatemala produce some of the finest coffee in the world. Occasionally spicy and always rich and velvety, visit the Rojo Cerezo or the Paradigma Café for a taste of this world-renown delicacy, that is exported and sold to coffee shops worldwide.

Catholicism & Mayan Spirituality

Religion can be complicated in Guatemala since Roman Catholicism has played an important role since the colonial era, but to this day, the traditional Mayan Spirituality is still very present and strong. See the iconic religious locations in Guatemala City that display this interesting history. Visit the colonial paintings and religious carvings in the Cathedral of Guatemala City. Or take a tour of the beautiful Popol Vuh or the modern Xchel Native Costume museums that showcase eras of Guatemalan culture and history. Dive into a cultural day trip into the pre-Hispanic and post-Hispanic religious roots of Guatemala City. 

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Experience Guatemala City

Guatemala City Attractions

  • La Aurora Zoo’s exotic animals
  • Cathedral of Guatemala City
  • The Museo Popoul Vuh
  • Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Entnologiá
  • The Torre del Reformado Monument
  • Mayan History at the Museo Miraflores
  • Explore the Botanical Gardin

Things to do in Guatemala City

  • Take a Sightseeing City Tour
  • Dine in the Zona Viva
  • Hike in the Mountains
  • Shop at the Mercado Central
  • Cervecería Centroamericana
  • Catedral Santiago de Guatemala
  • Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias

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