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Hotels in Panama City

Where Modernity Meets Antiquity

This cosmopolitan capital city is a fascinating blend of modern tourism and old world appeal alongside tropical escapes and a melting pot of culture. What is sometimes known as “The Crossroads of the World” and home to the massive Panama Canal is also a place where you’ll find breathtaking natural beauty, a modern infrastructure, booming economy, and excellent year round-conditions for traveling. Panama City won’t disappoint!

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Casco Viejo — a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Discover the historical sector of Panama City that dates back 341 years. It’s a must-see for every visit to Panama City. Taken in the crumbling Spanish architecture, 17th century churches, Canal-era history and grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants that boast breathtaking 360-degree city views of the metropolis.

Nature Hikes

Uncover the varied flora and fauna of Panama on a nature hike through this tropical paradise. There are numerous options and rainforest hikes for travelers of all levels. Visit the cloud forests and delve into the steamy jungles of Panama City. Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll or a serious jungle hike that will leave you breathless, you’re guaranteed to see the city from a whole new angle.

Nightlife in Panama City

As twilight falls over Panama city, the nightlife is just getting started. There are a variety of ritzy casinos, chic clubs, upscale bars and much more. Casco Viejo is not only a place for history buffs, it is also home to the city’s most exciting nightlife scene and the people of Panama City love to dress to the nines! Make it a night on the town that you won’t forget.

Shop for Native Handicrafts

The handicrafts and artisan textiles of Panama City rival those of Mexico in their intricacy and creativity. Visit artisans markets along the Amador Causeway, or stroll down the streets of Casco Viejo to find the most unique indigenous works of art including jewelry, hand-woven baskets, and reversible embroidered fabrics hand-sewn by the indigenous people of Panama.

Bike along the Amador Causeway

Take a scenic tour along this famous causeway that serves not only as a way to connect the four islands but is also a breakwater for the entrance of the Panama Canal. As you bike or stroll along the way, you’ll have some of the most incredible views of the city and the remarkably pristine skyline. There are paths making it a safe place to walk, bike or jog.

Visit the Ruins of the Original Panama City

Step back in time to the 1500s to one of the oldest and largest European settlements on the West coast of the Americas. This current archeological site was once the main route the Spanish used to conquer Latin America. Present day Old Panama City is a crumbling shell of the ruins of a once thriving civilization. It was declared a UNESCO historial monument in 1976 and later a World Heritage Site. 

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Experience Panama City

Panama City Attractions

  • Summit Botanical Gardens
  • Panama Canal Miraflores Visitor Center
  • La Amistad International Park
  • Soberanía National Park
  • The famous BioMuseo
  • Summit Botanical Gardens

Things to do in Panama City

  • Bocas del Toro Caribbean Islands
  • Casco Viejo Historical Sector
  • Enjoy a game of Golf
  • Try your hand at an upscale Casino
  • Amador Causeway
  • Jump in on a City Tour

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