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Kraków Hotels

Welcome to Kraków, the former capital of Poland, which as legend claims was founded on the defeat of a dragon. There are many wonders to be seen with Wawel and Sukiennice just the top of the iceberg of what the city has to offer. When in Krakow do what the locals do. Make sure to buy a bagel at the Market Square, admire the golden dome of the Wawel Cathedral, and perhaps eat the famous zapiekanka on Plac Nowy.dine in one of the numerous restaurants on the main square to enjoy a moment of fine cuisine and relax with wonderful views of the city.

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Wawel Royal Castle
Wawel Royal Castle is the former seat of the rulers of Poland. Currently one of the most important monuments in the country, located on the Wawel Hill in Krakow. Repeatedly upgraded and renewed after fires and other damages. For this reason, the appearance of the Royal Castle over the centuries has changed and been influenced by different architectural styles.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Krakow was considered the ideal garden city with clean air and full of parks. Since then, many of them disappeared with the rapid urbanization, but to this day there are many gardens in Krakow. Some of them are a bit hidden like the royal gardens on the Wawel Hill or in the backyards of tenements, like the one on Karmelicka Street. A good tip if you’re looking for some green is to take a look at the city’s satellite map.

Under the city
Did you know that centuries ago Krakow was located a few meters below? This is evidenced by the remains of a medieval settlement discovered only recently. Go down the stairs near the Sukiennice to the underground branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and take a stroll through the market as it was several hundred years ago.

Over the city
The Kościuszko mound was made in 1820-1823 in honor of Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Polish (and American) war hero, shortly after the death of the great man. The mound is 34 meters high made of earth from the Polish and American battlefields on which Kosciuszko fought. The short climb to the top of the mound is worth the spectacular view of the city it gives.

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