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Hotels in Arad

Arad is the capital city of Arad County, situated in the Crisana region of western Romania. An important center and transportation hub, Arad is also the seat of a Romanian Orthodox archbishop and features two universities, a Romanian Orthodox theological seminary, a training school for teachers, and a music conservatory. There are daily flights out of the Arad International Airport to cities like Bucharest and many European countries. Regular train itineraries also connect the area with Bucharest.

Arad has an extensive history and was first mentioned in documents in the 11th century. Arad produced great economic development in the 19th century. It currently has a noted cultural life such as the Arad State Theater, hosting an Annual Classical Theater FestivaI, International Underground Theater Festival, Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Puppet Theater.

Top Attractions

  • The Arch of Triumph
  • The Museum of History
  • The Museum of Natural Sciences
  • The Theater of Jacob Hirschl
  • The Monastery of St. Simon
  • Six Art Galleries

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