topical bird in panama

South America

Discover the landscapes and the dazzling culture of the countries of South America.

From the ancient ruins that live above the clouds, to the biodiverse seas and wildlife that inspired the theory of evolution, there is plenty of adventure that awaits you in South America. 

In Brazil the Amazon rainforest is home to 16,000 species of trees and dozens of animals from the small tree frogs, to the mysterious jaguar and the beautiful kaleidoscope of tropical birds.

Get ready to explore the best landscapes and cultures of South America.

The longest continental mountain range, the Andes are a dramatic backdrop for 7 countries including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile. Descending from their snowy caps, glaciers plunge into the ocean, as the landscape continues to be shaped by the power of nature.

Bring your dancing shoes and let the locals show you the steps that will have your tan going your way across Argentina or join in the samba in Brazil. Pack your bags and get ready to explore this culturally diverse and rich landscape.

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Featured South American Countries