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Old town Medellin Colombia

Explore Colombia

The land of coffee, carnival and Caribbean beaches!

The country lies in the Northwest of South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea in the North, the Amazon in the South and the Andes in the West.

Its diversity has drawn more and more visitors in recent years who still like to travel off the beaten track. Places of interest are the historic district of Candelaria in the capital city of Bogota, the walled colonial city and beaches of Cartagena, as well as the beauty and culture of lively Medellin in the center of the country. Head to Colombia’s own version of Machu Picchu, Cuidad Perdida, the Lost City, which can be reached on a multi-day hike starting just East of Santa Marta.

Being one the largest producers of coffee in the world, a visit to the Zona Cafetera, the Coffee Zone in and around the city of Armenia should not be missed. Spend a few days on a coffee finca and learn more about the production and harvesting process of the popular beans.

Colombia - a place rich in history, rhythms, cuisine and culture.

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