Fireworks 4th Of July And Canada Day Destinations

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Featured Destinations

United States

With hotels spanning all 50 states, Best Western® makes your weekend getaway or vacation one to remember. No matter your passion, you’ll find your favorite activities near any Best Western hotel. Discover the varied, vibrant, and lush landscapes of the United States one destination at a time.

American flag displayed on beach house

West & Southwest Regions

Rocky Mountains at Sunset

Discover striking landscapes in the West & Southwest. Visitors can find everything from soaring mountain ranges, white sand dunes, the surf and sands of the California coastline, and some of the most popular national parks. See hotel deals in this region:

Tempe, AZ

From $54

Dana Point, CA

From $135

Morro Bay, CA

From $109

Sacramento, CA

From $76

San Diego, CA

From $116

South Lake Tahoe, CA

From $127

Las Vegas, NV

From $70

Albuquerque, NM

From $74

Great Lakes Region

Lighthouse at Round Island

From bustling cities, relaxing nature, lively festivals and outdoor adventures, you’ll be right at home and enjoy an unforgettable stay. Explore hotel deals in the Great Lakes region: 

Madison, WI

From $76

Milwaukee, WI

From $101

Southeast and Gulf Coast Regions

Old Jacksonville Beach

Explore the Southeast & Gulf Coast regions and find the best southern comfort and historical charm. Dig into fresh seafood or mouth-watering barbeque in any landscape. From mountains to beaches, bayous to ranches, stay awhile and discover these featured destinations:

Fort Lauderdale, FL

From $76

Miami, FL

From $84

Orlando, FL

From $89

Pensacola, FL

From $84

Saint Augustine, FL

From $69

New Orleans, LA

From $76

Charlotte, NC

From $76

Raleigh, NC

From $64

Charleston, SC

From $93

Columbia, SC

From $76

Nashville, TN

From $136

Dallas, TX

From $67

Houston, TX

From $51

Mid-Atlantic Region

Lakeside City View

Visit the country’s most historic treasured sites, memorable museums, dining, and even our Nation’s Capital in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Extending from Virginia to Maryland to Pennsylvania and more; connect with the beauty and fun of the American experience. Explore what’s available in this region:

Baltimore, MD

From $93

Great Plains & South Central Regions

Girl walking through farmland

This region features an infinite variety of vast fertile plains scattered with quaint farms and sparkling fresh rivers. Discover the many National Parks, monuments, scenic byways, and historic towns. Find yourself in these featured destinations:

Kansas City, MO

From $68

Saint Louis , MO

From $76


Mystic Boat Harbor

The Northeast and New England are home to a wealth of diverse travel experiences and filled with rich history. In the birthplace of America, you’ll discover scenic villages, fascinating cities, and panoramic mountain views. Fill up at a dockside restaurant with delicious seafood chowder, lobster, or blueberry pie. Explore featured destinations in the area:

Boston, MA

From $144

New York City, NY

From $189


From bustling cities of Toronto and Montreal to the stunning mountains and shorelines of Vancouver, Canada’s vast and varied landscapes attract outdoor enthusiasts and city-goers from around the world. With hundreds of hotels to choose from across the most visited provinces in Canada, you'll be certain to find a hotel near your favorite activities and attractions. Come see why Canada is a must-see destination.  

Parliment building in Canada

British Columbia

Skyline City View of British Columbia

British Columbia is where vibrant urban life is fused with nature, and where the Pacific is combined with towering forests and picturesque valleys. Take a scenic drive and experience the regions beauty. Visit these featured destinations:


From $133 (CAD)


From $195 (CAD)


Horseshoe Falls

Home of Canada’s capital and famous landmarks, this province has everything you would expect from a world-class city. From the trendy urban dwellings to the wilds of the Great Lakes, the possibilities are endless. Visit these featured destinations:


From $144 (CAD)

Niagara Falls

From $119 (CAD)


From $139 (CAD)

Sault Saint Marie

From $127 (CAD)


From $130 (CAD)


Calgary City Skyline

In Alberta you can roam the prairie grasslands or hike the striking Rockies. Take advantage of the vibrant city life in Alberta featuring local events and festivals with warm hospitality. Take a look at these featured destinations:


From $115 (CAD)


City Skyline Day View

Québec features vibrant cities that exude old-world charm surrounded by a stunning outdoor playground. Experience the mix of culture, romance, and cuisine that cultivates experiences unlike anywhere else in North America. Check out these featured destinations:

Quebec City

From $121 (CAD)


Mountain Skyline Sunrise View

This region features an infinite variety of vast fertile plains scattered with quaint farms and sparkling fresh rivers. Discover the many National Parks, monuments, scenic byways, and historic towns. Find yourself in these featured destinations:


From $115 (CAD)


City Skyline of Manitoba

Get inspired in Manitoba and discover Canadian history in vibrant neighborhoods. Tour the city to catch a ballet show or visit a museum. Explore the remote wild where you’ll find Polar Bears and Beluga Whales. Feel inspired at these destinations:


From $119 (CAD)