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Not enough points for a free night? 

Pay with Points is a new Best Western Rewards program allowing you the flexibility to use both points and cash for your next reservation.  For just 5,000 points you will save $25 towards the room rate, and have the flexibility to use more points towards the cost of your room.  

Points are redeemable in 1,000 point increments and every 1,000 points is worth $5 off the cost of your room! 

Available at all hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as select participating hotels elsewhere, select the Pay with Points Option on the “rooms” page.  You must be logged in to view the exclusive Pay with Points rate.  

Pay With Points

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Q. Why are we adding the Pay with Points program, allowing customers to book with points and cash?

A. Giving our Best Western Rewards® members the ability to book a free night reservation with points and cash will provide consumers with more flexibility. Particularly in situations where the member does not have enough points in their BWR account to book the 'Rewards', free night reservation they were looking for.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of points a guest can purchase for one Pay with Points booking?

A. Yes, there is a limit. Guests may purchase up to 20,000 BWR points per day. 


Q. Why can’t I find the Pay with Points option?

A. BWR members must be logged in to view properties with the Pay with Points option.  If you do not have at least 5,000 points in your BWR account, an error message will display when trying to book a room. The error message will say “You do not have enough points to redeem. A minimum of 5,000 points are required.”

Q. Why does it cost more points to book a room with Pay with Points vs. a regular full points reservation?

A. The Pay with Points program is meant to be used by guests when they may not have enough points to book a room using all points. This provides the flexibility of using points to discount the room rate making the room more affordable.

Q. Will I earn BWR points or miles for Pay with Points reservations?

A. Guests will earn 10 points per $1 USD on the paid portion of the Pay with Points reservation.

    Example:      If the guest is using 5,000 points and paying $65.00,  then the guest will earn 650 BWR points for the stay

    If a BWR guest who has miles chosen as their earning preference books a Pay with Points rate, they will earn the standard number of miles for the stay.

Q. What happens if I cancel the Pay with Points reservation?

A. The BWR points that were allocated from the guest’s BWR account will be returned. If the guest cancels within the cancellation period, they will not be charged. However, if the guest cancels after the cancellation period, they will be charged the paid portion of the Pay with Points reservation and the hotel may charge the guest for the points that were allocated.

Q. Can I make changes to my reservation at the hotel or call center?

A. Any changes will need to be cancelled and then re-booked at or by calling Best Western Rewards® Customer Care at 1(800) 237-8483.

Q. Can I book multiple nights and/or rooms?   

A. Multiple nights can be booked using Pay with Points, however, currently points will only be able to be applied to the first night and first room of a reservation.

Q Will my Pay with Points stays count towards BWR promotions?

A. Yes, at this time we will allow guests booking the Pay with Points rate to earn any promotional awards for seasonal promotions. For example, if the promotion is “Get a $25 Best Western Gift Card for Each Night You Stay” then the guest would be eligible to earn a $25 Best Western Gift Card for the night that they booked a Pay with Points rate.

Q. Can guests use a Travel Card to pay for the paid portion of a Pay with Points reservation?

A. Yes, guests may use a Travel Card as a form of payment for the paid portion of an Pay with Points reservation.

Q. Can guests redeem less than 5,000 points for a Pay with Points reservation?

A. Currently our minimum redemption threshold is 5,000 points.  If you are short just a few points you can buy more points