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Best Western Premier® Hotels - Japan

Best Western Premier Hotels - Japan

Experience Japan

Japan has entranced visitors for centuries with its exotic ceremonies, breathtaking landscape, warrior heritage, and formal traditions. Japan is a country of 126 million residents and spans a landmass approximately the size of California. Although Japan is a relatively small island nation, one cannot discount the variety of fascinating travel opportunities available here. From tea ceremonies and Kabuki theatre performances, to rejuvenating bath houses, gourmet restaurants, and ancient temples and shrines, Japan offers many attractions and things to do for an exciting vacation.

Japan Attractions

Nagasaki, located on the island of Kyushu, is one of the most historic cities in Japan. Nagasaki was a major port for global trade and commerce thousands of years ago. Today, many people travel to Nagasaki to learn about the history of Japan, from ancient civilizations to modern history. Famous tourist attractions in Nagasaki that pay homage to WWII events include the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and Nagasaki Peace Park. Other interesting attraction include: Dejima, an artificial island built in the 17th century that served as a major trade port for two centuries, and the Confucius and Suwa Shrines and Sofukuji Temple that reflect of essence of Japan spirituality.

Premier Japan Hotels

Best Western Premier Hotel Nagasaki epitomizes the romantic and exotic allure of Japan. Home to the famous Nagasaki Kunchi, or Dragon Dance, Festival, and dozens of fascinating attractions, Nagasaki is the perfect destination for your cultural vacation in Japan. In addition to dazzling views of Nagasaki Port, Best Western Premier Hotel Nagasaki offers first-class accommodations, choice amenities, and convenient access to such landmarks as Glover Garden, Spectacles Bridge, Ohura Catholic Church, and the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

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