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Best Western Premier® Hotels - Sweden

Best Western Premier Hotels - Sweden

Experience Sweden

Located in Scandinavian country, Sweden is often referred to as one of the last wild frontiers in Europe. Sweden offers thousands of miles of untouched alpine wilderness and breathtaking coastlines. Sweden is also home to the Nobel Peace Prize, people of renowned blonde beauty, progressive cities, and a fascination Viking heritage shared with their Danish neighbors.

Sweden Attractions

In addition to Sweden's natural attractions such as Tyresta and Sarek National Parks for outdoor lovers, Sweden offers a variety of major cultural attractions in the capital city of Stockholm and the bustling metropolis of Malmö. Among the major tourist attractions to visit in Sweden are: Drottingholm Palace and Theater, often compared to Versailles in France; National Museum of Art; Royal Palace and Museums; Svaneholm Castle; and the Royal Warship Vasa, which is the oldest identified and complete ship in the world. It first set sail in 1628. Free tours are available.

Premier Sweden Hotels

Our Best Western Premier hotel in Sweden is remarkable for the typically Swedish warmth of its welcome and its unique atmosphere. The guests in our property in Stockholm enjoy an unrivalled position at the heart of the capital, literally a few steps from the main areas sites of interest.

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