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Casablanca, Morocco

Located in Morocco's largest city, our Casablanca accommodations feature all the comforts of home and are ideally located in the heart of this culturally rich and historic area, near shopping centers, the famous Hassan II Mosque, Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V.

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Casablanca, Morocco Travel Information

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is located in North Africa with a population of nearly 34 million. The capital city is Rabat, but the largest city is Casablanca.

Filled with unforgettable sights and history, Morocco will fulfill your expectations with ancient walled cities, shopping in the medina, desert-crossing camels, beautiful date palms and spectacular mosques and museums.

Independent since 1956, Morocco is a youthful country with much to see and do. The Port of Casablanca is considered Morocco's chief port and is one of the largest artificial ports in the world.


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Casablanca, Morocco Attractions:

Hassan II Mosque - The Hassan II mosque is one of the main tourist attractions in Casablanca and it is certainly well worth the visit. Built to commemorate the former king's 60th birthday, Casablanca's premier house of prayer is one of the largest in the world. Designed by French architect Michel Pinseau, it can accommodate 25,000 worshippers inside and 80,000 more outside. The detailed Zellij tile work, particularly around the fountains, is absolutely stunning. This is one of the only mosques you may visit as a non-Muslim, although you will need to be part of a guided tour.

Be prepared to remove your shoes before you go inside the main prayer section, and it's generally a good idea to cover your head out of respect.

The Hassan Tower - Rabat's two major attractions stand opposite each other looking out over the Oued Bou Regreg. The Hassan Tower is the towering minaret of the Hassan Mosque. It was originally intended to be 200 feet high and one of the tallest in the world. Today the tower stands at 145 feet after being abandoned upon the death of the sultan in 1199. The Hassan Tower is still a magnificent structure that looms over the remains of its ruined mosque which was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1755.

All that is left today of the mosque are several rows of reconstructed columns. The damage does nothing to diminish the scale of its grandness. This is truly a fantastic sight to see.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V - Facing the Hassan Tower is one of the country's most important shrines, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, which is open to non-Muslims. Within the mausoleum lie the tombs of the King Mohammed V, and his two sons King Hassan II and Prince Moulay Abdellah.

Designed 6 years after Mohammed V's death in 1961, the building's plain exterior white walls and green-tile roof betray an interior of exceptional traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The unbelievable mosaics of zellij start at the marble floors and rise to a ceiling of hand-carved cedar wood and gold leaf. The three ground-floor tombs are carved from white onyx. The tomb of Mohammed V is surrounded by those of his two sons which is visible from the interior balcony.

The entire complex, which encompasses The Hassan Tower and the Mohammed V Mosque, is open daily and guarded by royal guards on mounted on horses.

Where to eat in Casablanca, Morocco:

Rick's Cafe - Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman may have never set foot in Casablanca, but the spirit of the movie is alive in downtown Casablanca. The interior of the building has been restored to resemble the era depicted in the movie, and is dominated by the central courtyard with its authentic 1930s Pleyel piano.

If you've never seen the movie "Casablanca", it is shown every evening in an upstairs dining room that is filled with movie memorabilia.

The menu is filled with Moroccan standards such as a lamb tagine, but also offers many other diverse dishes.

Tajine Wa Tanjia - Opened in 2004, Tajine Wa Tanjia offers a perfect combination of reasonable prices, authentic cuisine and a warm and intimate atmosphere. Their extensive menu reads like a Moroccan cookbook, offering almost every national dish possible.

The interior of this restaurant has a warm ambiance. The low lighting subtly highlights the walls, which are decorated with Moroccan lanterns and mirrors.

Where to Shop in Casablanca, Morocco:

Morocco's craftsmen are some of the most skilled in the world, with generations of families working in ceramics, jewelry, leather, metal, and wood.

Many stores are located within the local markets, called souks, and this is where the shopping bargains will be found. Bartering is part of the routine for locals, and is an accepted and expected practice.

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